No test scores? What will matter on your college app this year

If you’re a senior you may have an SAT test date registered, but you might also very well be watching it pass by…much like this year. With a majority of colleges becoming test optional or negating the submission of test scores in the review process entirely, it can be hard as a student to knowContinue reading “No test scores? What will matter on your college app this year”

SAT June Cancellation + Testing Updates, What You Need to Know

The College Board announced the June 2020 SAT and SAT Subject Test administration is cancelled. They have added an SAT administration in September, which will give students the opportunity to test every month from August through December. If you are a junior and preparing/planning for college admissions, including testing, here is what you need toContinue reading “SAT June Cancellation + Testing Updates, What You Need to Know”

SAT-ACT: What, when, why and how does it factor in admissions?

It is Saturday, and I am at school because it’s been a week filled with testing education AND it continues with today’s practice SAT and ACT exam. Now I’m sure the students currently testing aren’t reveling in the joy that is waking up on a Saturday and coming back to school. And come back forContinue reading “SAT-ACT: What, when, why and how does it factor in admissions?”

How to know if you should consider more SAT/ACT testing in the Fall

Fall semester senior year is a space to tie up testing before your college applications. It can be difficult to know how to best finalize your testing. Do I take subject exams? Should I take the ACT one more time? When is the last test date I can take my exams in time for myContinue reading “How to know if you should consider more SAT/ACT testing in the Fall”

PSAT Scores What You Need to Know

PSAT scores will be available on CollegeBoard starting the week of December 10th. If you’re a Junior, I am sure you just tensed up a little bit. Take a breath. The best way to navigate the college admission process is to arm yourself with information…the correct information and necessary information. This process can be aContinue reading “PSAT Scores What You Need to Know”

PSAT Recap & Information

Tuesday, January 17, 2017 we hosted guest speaker Matt Steiner from Compass Education Group for our PSAT Results & College Admissions information night. Thank you Matt! If you were unable to attend, or just want a little more information and a recap, keep on reading! Before we dive into the nitty gritty test scores, let’sContinue reading “PSAT Recap & Information”

Your admissions testing do not define you…dear students…

Dear students who just received their SAT scores, You may have logged into Collegeboard on your phone this morning or last night and saw a few numbers that held more meaning than the simple digits on the screen. You may have breathed a sigh of relief…or you may have felt your stomach drop. Drop becauseContinue reading “Your admissions testing do not define you…dear students…”

Tomorrow’s SAT and a few words of advice

Best of luck to my students taking the SAT tomorrow! I have two categories of things to consider. Category #1 – Preparing for the day of and Category #2 – The weight of the SAT Preparing for the Day of Go back to the basics We have all been in stressful situations. Maybe it was aContinue reading “Tomorrow’s SAT and a few words of advice”

SAT score converter

If you took the new SAT and are looking at Freshman Admission Profile’s of colleges and universities that report the old SAT score, use this link from Collegeboard to convert the scores and get a clearer picture of where you stand: SAT Score Converter (New vs. Old) Quick tidbits to remember: Test scores are ONEContinue reading “SAT score converter”

Macquarie University, Australia

  A handful of my students express interest in studying internationally for more than just a study abroad option and the questions can range from cost and campus life to the application process. This week a representative from a Macquarie University in Australia came to talk to students not only about Macquaire, but about lifeContinue reading “Macquarie University, Australia”