Exploring College Options with My Fave Resources

There’s literally thousands of colleges across the country AND international options that are pretty accessible too. How do you start? Here are a few of my go-to resources that can help narrow down a list of colleges that not only meet but exceed your expectations. How? Well when you devote research…true honest research…not only doContinue reading “Exploring College Options with My Fave Resources”

College Exploration Resources

We have the ability to research anything within seconds. Sometimes it can get overwhelming and the starting point unclear. We hear about how many colleges are out there and how many options we have, but how do you find them? And how do you research a college in a state you have never been toContinue reading “College Exploration Resources”

Macquarie University, Australia

  A handful of my students express interest in studying internationally for more than just a study abroad option and the questions can range from cost and campus life to the application process. This week a representative from a Macquarie University in Australia came to talk to students not only about Macquaire, but about lifeContinue reading “Macquarie University, Australia”