Lehigh University’s Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center: Why it’s something to pay attention to

Imagine you’re a kid from Manhattan Beach. It’s your senior year and you’ve been living in Pennsylvania studying communications and political science working with professors in small classes that lend itself to larger opportunities. Opportunities that included leading you to here…San Francisco. And as you interview CEO’s to create videos called Milestone Makers, you realizeContinue reading “Lehigh University’s Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center: Why it’s something to pay attention to”

Northumbria University & Why You Should Consider Studying in the U.K.

Ever think of studying in the U.K.? Take a look below and then check out recaps of the universities I’m visiting on an Explore England college tour visiting five universities throughout Northern England starting with Northumbria University. Studying internationally may seem like a “foreign” idea (pun intended), but the truth is a lot of commonContinue reading “Northumbria University & Why You Should Consider Studying in the U.K.”

The Secret to Finding AND Owning Your College List

If you are a rising Senior, you’re most likely (or will be very soon according to your mother who has been kindly reminding you) thinking about where you’ll be applying in the Fall to four-year universities. I give you major kudos. Because a few things may feel differently in today’s age. Like the fact thatContinue reading “The Secret to Finding AND Owning Your College List”

How not to freak out as Junior and crush college prep

Second semester Junior year tends to bring on quite the stir of anxiety. Why? Well maybe it’s because you are taking the toughest course load yet and are now in more advanced work demanding academic attention. Or maybe that leadership position you took in your extracurricular is now overloading your schedule. Or maybe you feelContinue reading “How not to freak out as Junior and crush college prep”

How to not only find but LOVE your likely school. More options, less stress.

Likely school, otherwise known as your safety school. The school that you know you should get admitted to. The school that balances your college list so that at the end of the admission cycle you have options. Options are good, right? Of course! But when a likely school means applying to a college just toContinue reading “How to not only find but LOVE your likely school. More options, less stress.”

Colleges that Change Lives Event and Resources

If you are a student that has started to explore colleges and build a college list to apply to in the Fall, I highly encourage you to check out this organization as a resource. Colleges that Change Lives is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping students not only explore their options, but encouraging them to explore andContinue reading “Colleges that Change Lives Event and Resources”

4 Year Colleges Still Accepting Students for the Fall

The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) has an incredibly easy tool to research up-to-date information on colleges still accepting students for the Fall 2017 school year. You can sift through the list of just over 400 colleges by state and if they’re still offering financial aid and housing. If you’re still feeling uncertainContinue reading “4 Year Colleges Still Accepting Students for the Fall”

Still looking for a college to attend?

Every year the Regional Admission Counselors of California (RACC) publicize a list of colleges within their organization still accepting applications. A few things to consider: Check the grid to see if they are still considering merit-based aid or have financial aid still available. Narrow down your choices. Do not wait to apply! Oftentimes these spacesContinue reading “Still looking for a college to attend?”

How to Begin Your College Search

Are you a Junior starting to build list of colleges to apply to in the Fall? Where do you even begin? How do you know a university is right for you? There are over 2,000 four-year colleges throughout the United States alone! It can seem a bit overwhelming, especially when we’re getting advice and input from every whichContinue reading “How to Begin Your College Search”

College Exploration Resources

We have the ability to research anything within seconds. Sometimes it can get overwhelming and the starting point unclear. We hear about how many colleges are out there and how many options we have, but how do you find them? And how do you research a college in a state you have never been toContinue reading “College Exploration Resources”