London College Tour – University of Oxford and Cambridge

Day 2 included a quick lesson in counting coins over coffee in the city of London to a train ride into the charming Cambridge area in the countryside. Although we saw the University of Cambridge and not the University of Oxford, I’ll put some links that help students in looking at both. Check out ourContinue reading “London College Tour – University of Oxford and Cambridge”

Tomorrow’s SAT and a few words of advice

Best of luck to my students taking the SAT tomorrow! I have two categories of things to consider. Category #1 – Preparing for the day of and Category #2 – The weight of the SAT Preparing for the Day of Go back to the basics We have all been in stressful situations. Maybe it was aContinue reading “Tomorrow’s SAT and a few words of advice”

Ohio College Tour – 5 Schools, 1 Day

The true beauty of exploring a state is exploring it through its colleges. All you need is a rental van, a map (or let’s be honest…GPS) and you’re good to go! Oh let’s not forget the ever important coffee…remember to get coffee. We began our Ohio college tour with Ohio State University and ended aboutContinue reading “Ohio College Tour – 5 Schools, 1 Day”

USC Conference 2016

Since I visited the UC Conference this week, it was only fitting that I head over to Trojan land and visit the USC Conference as well…to make it fair. I love this conference. It’s a wonderful way for me to connect with admissions, hear updates and see the campus transformation throughout the years. A buildingContinue reading “USC Conference 2016”