How to prepare for college as a junior during COVID

If you are a junior, here are some key tips to get ahead of the college preparation process even in a COVID world. How to tackle college admission testing planning and not panic First, what in the world is a “typical” testing timeline and approach to the SAT/ACT? Before I begin, “typical” is in quotationsContinue reading “How to prepare for college as a junior during COVID”

Building your college list strategically

Building a balanced college list has always been a key component to the college application process. Why? Because when you strategize your college list, you apply knowing you have college options that you’ll not only get admitted to, but also enjoy actually attending. You also can prioritize your time and apply to the right amountContinue reading “Building your college list strategically”

Pieces of your college application: Unpacking GPA and what it really means

GPA. Grade Point Average. It is the number on your transcript. The culmination of your grades and semester by semester. I bet if you’re a student, that number feels a bit heavier to you. Like it means your fate in admissions. Or that a college will put you in a different pile when reviewing yourContinue reading “Pieces of your college application: Unpacking GPA and what it really means”

2020 Intentions for Families in the College Process

I can see clearly now the rain is gone… Expect if you’re applying, have applied or are a younger family thinking about applying to college, it feels like a whole thunderstorm that’s looming overhead. College is scary. It feels impossible to get in. It feels like everyone is getting A’s, are in AP classes andContinue reading “2020 Intentions for Families in the College Process”

PSAT Scores What You Need to Know

PSAT scores will be available on CollegeBoard starting the week of December 10th. If you’re a Junior, I am sure you just tensed up a little bit. Take a breath. The best way to navigate the college admission process is to arm yourself with information…the correct information and necessary information. This process can be aContinue reading “PSAT Scores What You Need to Know”

Brandeis University

Located 30 minutes outside of Boston in Waltham, Massachusetts, sits Brandeis University, housing just over 3,600 undergraduate students from 54 different countries. Boasting a fairly decent international population, you’ll find new experiences interacting with your classmates fairly easily! The university itself is fairly big and on a sunny October day, I was able to seeContinue reading “Brandeis University”

Understanding UC Admissions & Key Resources

The University of California boasts 9 undergraduate campuses, all now open for applying to as of August 1, 2018 for the Fall 2019 admission cycle. It’s as competitive as ever and record applications continue to roll in each round. What does this mean for you as an applicant? It means getting savvy with the UCContinue reading “Understanding UC Admissions & Key Resources”

How Would an Admission Officer Review Your Application? Understanding Holistic Review and Making the Most out of Your Application

You’re more than a test score. You’re GPA tells more than a number. Okay sure, maybe you’ve heard that when college admission offices are making decisions, they’re looking at MORE than just academics, but do you believe it? While universities admission policies and review processes vary, it IS helpful to understand the basis of whatContinue reading “How Would an Admission Officer Review Your Application? Understanding Holistic Review and Making the Most out of Your Application”

What Colleges WANT to See. How to Create Impact and a Lasting Impression.

Your college application is a culmination of your personal and academic experiences that showcase your strengths, talents, challenges, interests and are hopefully a prediction of the work yet to be done in the four-year journey ahead. As a college counselor who has worked with students over the past five years, I have heard the “whatContinue reading “What Colleges WANT to See. How to Create Impact and a Lasting Impression.”

The Secret to Finding AND Owning Your College List

If you are a rising Senior, you’re most likely (or will be very soon according to your mother who has been kindly reminding you) thinking about where you’ll be applying in the Fall to four-year universities. I give you major kudos. Because a few things may feel differently in today’s age. Like the fact thatContinue reading “The Secret to Finding AND Owning Your College List”