A Guide to Studying in Australia…yep…Australia

Attending a university outside of the United States may feel foreign. Did you catch that pun there? Well fears step aside and be ready to hear about something different and excited and way more accessible than you think. Families may feel limited in college options, when the truth is there are a TON of collegeContinue reading “A Guide to Studying in Australia…yep…Australia”

Essential Resources and Tips + General Good-to-Know Information for Studying in the U.K.

Imagine yourself scanning your passport and grabbing some snacks in the terminal before you settle in for your flight. You sit back, watch a few movies take a nap and land in England, or Scotland, or Ireland! You walk off the plane and see some students gathering on the bus that takes you towards campus.Continue reading “Essential Resources and Tips + General Good-to-Know Information for Studying in the U.K.”

Applying to the U.K. through UCAS

The Universities and colleges Admissions Services (UCAS) is a widely utilized application system for universities in the U.K. It’s much more than an application system. It’s helpful search guide in exploring various colleges. International students can search by course (major) and find additional resources here:¬†UCAS Tips for International Applicants I believe the UCAS website isContinue reading “Applying to the U.K. through UCAS”

Scotland – University of St. Andrew’s

A train ride from Edinburgh, Scotland takes you into the charming town of St. Andrew’s. Known for the birthplace of golf, it’s only fitting that you drive right past the old course on your way into town. But what really makes up St. Andrew’s is the university. The University of St. Andrew’s has a totalContinue reading “Scotland – University of St. Andrew’s”

London College Tour – University of Oxford and Cambridge

Day 2 included a quick lesson in counting coins over coffee in the city of London to a train ride into the charming Cambridge area in the countryside. Although we saw the University of Cambridge and not the University of Oxford, I’ll put some links that help students in looking at both. Check out ourContinue reading “London College Tour – University of Oxford and Cambridge”

Macquarie University, Australia

  A handful of my students express interest in studying internationally for more than just a study abroad option and the questions can range from cost and campus life to the application process. This week a representative from a Macquarie University in Australia came to talk to students not only about Macquaire, but about lifeContinue reading “Macquarie University, Australia”