Building your college list strategically

Building a balanced college list has always been a key component to the college application process. Why? Because when you strategize your college list, you apply knowing you have college options that you’ll not only get admitted to, but also enjoy actually attending. You also can prioritize your time and apply to the right amountContinue reading “Building your college list strategically”

The one thing you can do to skyrocket your college apps

Let the college admission season begin! The University of California application is open to apply to any one or a number of the nine undergraduate UC campuses. The Common Application is ready to go, hosting over 900 applications for universities and colleges. Essay prompts are out and your creative juices are (or will be) flowingContinue reading “The one thing you can do to skyrocket your college apps”

Pieces of your college application: Unpacking GPA and what it really means

GPA. Grade Point Average. It is the number on your transcript. The culmination of your grades and semester by semester. I bet if you’re a student, that number feels a bit heavier to you. Like it means your fate in admissions. Or that a college will put you in a different pile when reviewing yourContinue reading “Pieces of your college application: Unpacking GPA and what it really means”

Gearing up for fall admissions. What you need to know.

As a rising senior heading back to school, virtually from home, tackling college admissions may feel a bit daunting. Applying to college can feel overwhelming, especially knowing where to begin. Not to mention the added pressure and uncertainty with navigating new admission policies and changes due to COVID-19. Take a deep breath. In changing times,Continue reading “Gearing up for fall admissions. What you need to know.”

How to apply to colleges where you will thrive

You know the colleges that have been branded in your brain since you were little. Or the ones on bumper stickers. Or the ones your cousin went to that you’re always reminded of on holidays. College has become a brand. A rite of passage. So if you’re a senior trying to decide on where toContinue reading “How to apply to colleges where you will thrive”

Admissions Considerations During COVID-19

In a matter of days admission updates and responses to the COVID-19 pandemic change drastically. As a family with students applying or looking towards the future to apply to college, these times may feel uncertain. A key piece to college applications lies in one word: CONTEXT. Context is the piece of information provided that aContinue reading “Admissions Considerations During COVID-19”

2020 Intentions for Families in the College Process

I can see clearly now the rain is gone… Expect if you’re applying, have applied or are a younger family thinking about applying to college, it feels like a whole thunderstorm that’s looming overhead. College is scary. It feels impossible to get in. It feels like everyone is getting A’s, are in AP classes andContinue reading “2020 Intentions for Families in the College Process”

College Apps. What to prioritize AND how to be successful

What college do I apply to? What major? What program? Do I apply to the college itself or the individual school that houses my major? Does it make a difference? Do I send my SAT/ACT scores as a whole or superscore them? Do I report all scores? Or use score choice? Do I need oneContinue reading “College Apps. What to prioritize AND how to be successful”

How to know if you should consider more SAT/ACT testing in the Fall

Fall semester senior year is a space to tie up testing before your college applications. It can be difficult to know how to best finalize your testing. Do I take subject exams? Should I take the ACT one more time? When is the last test date I can take my exams in time for myContinue reading “How to know if you should consider more SAT/ACT testing in the Fall”

How College Admission is Suffocating our Students

Across my desk sits a picture painted of unrealistic expectations. Anxiousness and self-doubt. Ideals of what success should look like. An all or nothing mentality. An average student who feels like a failure. An AP student who lacks hours of sleep and is barely holding it together. A student in love with soccer who quitsContinue reading “How College Admission is Suffocating our Students”