Macquarie University, Australia


A handful of my students express interest in studying internationally for more than just a study abroad option and the questions can range from cost and campus life to the application process. This week a representative from a Macquarie University in Australia came to talk to students not only about Macquaire, but about life abroad and exploring international options.

She also brought TimTams. What are TimTams? A delicious Australian chocolate biscuit. Need I say more? Keep in mind there are a lot of options internationally and within Australia so keep exploring, weigh the pros and cons and make a college choice appropriate for you!


Students will need to take the ACT or SAT (either one) just as they would for US universities. Macquarie publishes the minimum exam score needed for a specific area of interest (other universities in Australia will too) What does that mean? It helps to take some guess work out of it. Of course doing well in classes and preparing to be successful on the ACT or SAT beyond the minimum will set you up for a successful experience beyond high school. So no slacking to only get the minimum.

Once you have taken the ACT or SAT you can apply, even as Junior. Admissions is rolling and students typically get a response back within a month. The school year looks like this:

  • “Semester 1” begins in late February and goes for 12 weeks and take exams in June. Students get a two week break and a July winter vacation. WINTER VACATION in July? Still getting used to this.
  • “Semester 2” begins end of July through December for 12 weeks.

Students may apply and begin any semester.


  • Most majors are completed within 3 years. The exception of some pathways such as Engineering or Law.
  • Apply into a major or choose a concentration your interested in.

Campus life

  • Students may apply for a travel grant through the university and study abroad.
  • 40,000 students about 18,000 are international.
  • The public transportation system is incredibly accessible.
  • Students apply for overseas healthcare coverage that lasts the entire duration of college (quite affordable) and there is a hospital on campus with no out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Dorm life, students can choose from traditional dorms with included meals or choose to live more apartment style dorms with a kitchen.
  • Sports are competitive but more social and fun. Anyone and everyone can play and participate in the once a year Australian University Games.Ayres Rock, Australia: A Kangaroo warning road sign in the desert near Uluru

Enjoy exploring more college options!

Macquarie University –

List of Australian Universities – 


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