All you need to tour a college without actually going anywhere

College tour just got cancelled? Not wanting to step foot in an airport? Quarantined? I give you online tools to get to know a college, on the outside and the inside so you can still use your time towards college prep and planning…all from your couch…maybe even in your pj’s. The Bigger Picture Use theseContinue reading “All you need to tour a college without actually going anywhere”

Woodbury University

A hidden gem in California. A small powerhouse of a university. Boasting top accredited programs, individualized student support AND offering the financial means to make it all possible. These are only some of the reasons why Woodbury University is a place to check out. Located in Burbank, California, over 1,200 students call Woodbury their home.Continue reading “Woodbury University”

Hult International Business School: Visiting the London campus

Someone who has fire in their belly. That is how admissions described the type of student who would be a best fit for Hult International Business School. Why? Because students at Hult are not only studying business, they have chosen an experience beyond the norm. Beyond the traditional university curriculum, Hult operates campuses globally toContinue reading “Hult International Business School: Visiting the London campus”

Willamette University

Located in Salem, Oregon (about an hour from Eugene and Portland) you’ll find Willamette University. On the Colleges that Changes Lives list, Willamette offers quite a matching of academic engagement and experience with professors where the sky is the limit. The Colleges that Change Lives is a list of schools that have characteristics that literallyContinue reading “Willamette University”

Lehigh University’s Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center: Why it’s something to pay attention to

Imagine you’re a kid from Manhattan Beach. It’s your senior year and you’ve been living in Pennsylvania studying communications and political science working with professors in small classes that lend itself to larger opportunities. Opportunities that included leading you to here…San Francisco. And as you interview CEO’s to create videos called Milestone Makers, you realizeContinue reading “Lehigh University’s Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center: Why it’s something to pay attention to”

Lake Forest College

Fly into Chicago, hop on a train or take a car and in about 40 minutes you’ll be in Lake Forest Illinois, home to Lake Forest College. A small, liberal arts institution packing strength in community, diversity, strength in health sciences, the humanities, the arts, business and more. Lake Forest students have a strong senseContinue reading “Lake Forest College”

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Illini-ans unite. The pride at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and strength in community is super strong here. Which means students get not only the traditional college feel and major campus spirit, but also a friendly hello from basically anyone you walk past. For a large campus, about 33,000 undergrads, I do not get the feelingContinue reading “University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign”

Hult International Business School

Next stop on the Massachusetts college tour, Hult International Business School, a global business school with campuses spreading world-wide educating their diverse student body in the world of business. I had the pleasure of having lunch with Dean Mo Willans as he began his role as Dean at the Boston campus in Cambridge and aContinue reading “Hult International Business School”

Wellesley College and Babson College

Two colleges with distinct specialties make these reviews fun. Wellesley College, being an all women’s institution and Babson College serving solely Business degrees respectively. This is the beauty of college. Finding an environment that fits your needs SO well the opportunity to succeed is off the charts. Why? Because the students attending both of theseContinue reading “Wellesley College and Babson College”

Northumbria University & Why You Should Consider Studying in the U.K.

Ever think of studying in the U.K.? Take a look below and then check out recaps of the universities I’m visiting on an Explore England college tour visiting five universities throughout Northern England starting with Northumbria University. Studying internationally may seem like a “foreign” idea (pun intended), but the truth is a lot of commonContinue reading “Northumbria University & Why You Should Consider Studying in the U.K.”