SAT/ACT: Why College Admission Testing Really Isn’t that Scary

College admission testing can seem like a beast. One entrance exam defining your future admissibility. But here’s the thing. It’s WAY in your head and I can help break down the mental blocks for some much needed clarity. Really. Contextually the exam is one academic piece of your application, not the entire. According to theContinue reading “SAT/ACT: Why College Admission Testing Really Isn’t that Scary”

PSAT Scores What You Need to Know

PSAT scores will be available on CollegeBoard starting the week of December 10th. If you’re a Junior, I am sure you just tensed up a little bit. Take a breath. The best way to navigate the college admission process is to arm yourself with information…the correct information and necessary information. This process can be aContinue reading “PSAT Scores What You Need to Know”