How to prepare for college as a junior during COVID

If you are a junior, here are some key tips to get ahead of the college preparation process even in a COVID world. How to tackle college admission testing planning and not panic First, what in the world is a “typical” testing timeline and approach to the SAT/ACT? Before I begin, “typical” is in quotationsContinue reading “How to prepare for college as a junior during COVID”

Applying test-optional? What will matter on your application – Video

Kudos to our incredibly talented KBEV students for putting together weekly college advice videos (shout out to the colleges they’ll be applying to, these kids are pulling some serious work!) Enjoy week 2’s video Applying test optional and what will matter on your application

Pieces of your college application: Unpacking GPA and what it really means

GPA. Grade Point Average. It is the number on your transcript. The culmination of your grades and semester by semester. I bet if you’re a student, that number feels a bit heavier to you. Like it means your fate in admissions. Or that a college will put you in a different pile when reviewing yourContinue reading “Pieces of your college application: Unpacking GPA and what it really means”

Gearing up for fall admissions. What you need to know.

As a rising senior heading back to school, virtually from home, tackling college admissions may feel a bit daunting. Applying to college can feel overwhelming, especially knowing where to begin. Not to mention the added pressure and uncertainty with navigating new admission policies and changes due to COVID-19. Take a deep breath. In changing times,Continue reading “Gearing up for fall admissions. What you need to know.”

Class of 2021: Preparing and planning for college apps

Class of 2021, you might be feeling a bit uneasy or a bit unsure of where to begin. First, take a massive breath. Inhale…you can do this…exhale…really you can… Keep in mind as information changes daily, it’s important that you receive good information from reputable resources. In the video I preach this, but I reallyContinue reading “Class of 2021: Preparing and planning for college apps”

AP Testing 2020 Updates

Trevor Packer, the head of the Advanced Placement (AP) Program, streamed a live webinar to provide updates for spring 2020 AP testing. After a full semester of curriculum and a spring semester beginning with home learning, students will be able to test for APs at home and have the opportunity for college credit and toContinue reading “AP Testing 2020 Updates”

Admissions Considerations During COVID-19

In a matter of days admission updates and responses to the COVID-19 pandemic change drastically. As a family with students applying or looking towards the future to apply to college, these times may feel uncertain. A key piece to college applications lies in one word: CONTEXT. Context is the piece of information provided that aContinue reading “Admissions Considerations During COVID-19”

University of Oregon

Three rows full of that green and yellow gear on our flight to Eugene. We were heading to the right place. The University of Oregon is big on spirit. An institution with over 20,000 students celebrating the spirit that is U of O. Nine schools and colleges make up the greater university, where students areContinue reading “University of Oregon”

The power of “so what”

The college application process can be quite a reflective, challenging and vulnerable one. Oftentimes leaving you feeling depleted and questioning basically everything. Transcripts, deadlines, college essays, what colleges to actually apply to, the application process itself, depositing and ultimately attending that one university. All without stopping to ask yourself, so what? What’s the point? What’sContinue reading “The power of “so what””

College Apps. What to prioritize AND how to be successful

What college do I apply to? What major? What program? Do I apply to the college itself or the individual school that houses my major? Does it make a difference? Do I send my SAT/ACT scores as a whole or superscore them? Do I report all scores? Or use score choice? Do I need oneContinue reading “College Apps. What to prioritize AND how to be successful”