College Preparation Goals for December: Broken down by grade level

I hope you had a restful holiday weekend! Or, maybe you had a weekend like one of my students who ordered pizza and chocolate cake for Thanksgiving while tying up his UC applications. Regardless if you were re-charging or just plain charging, tis the season to have more dates added to your calendar and lastContinue reading “College Preparation Goals for December: Broken down by grade level”

Applying to college is a marathon

I will be running the Los Angeles Marathon this year in March. Today I passed my second longest run of training…18 miles. I must be insane, right? But after I finished and crossed off the number on my training chart in excitement, I realized something. Marathon training and applying to college have SO many similarities inContinue reading “Applying to college is a marathon”

Your admissions testing do not define you…dear students…

Dear students who just received their SAT scores, You may have logged into Collegeboard on your phone this morning or last night and saw a few numbers that held more meaning than the simple digits on the screen. You may have breathed a sigh of relief…or you may have felt your stomach drop. Drop becauseContinue reading “Your admissions testing do not define you…dear students…”