What really counts in your application. Words from a Dartmouth admission counselor 

From an admission counselor who has read thousands of applications for a selective institution. What impressed her? What is different? How do you stand out? I’ll post a short excerpt below and the link to read the entire article.

HANOVER, N.H. — When I give college information sessions at high schools, I’m used to being swarmed by students. Usually, as soon as my lecture ends, they run up to hand me their résumés, fighting for my attention so that they can tell me about their internships or summer science programs.

But last spring, after I spoke at a New Jersey public school, I ran into an entirely different kind of student.

I urge all families to read the entire article here: Check This Box if You’re a Good Person 

Published by Casey Barneson

Author of The College Wellness Guide. Beverly Hills High School College Counselor.

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