A Guide to Studying in Australia…yep…Australia

Attending a university outside of the United States may feel foreign. Did you catch that pun there? Well fears step aside and be ready to hear about something different and excited and way more accessible than you think. Families may feel limited in college options, when the truth is there are a TON of collegeContinue reading “A Guide to Studying in Australia…yep…Australia”

Political vibes on college campuses – find your fit

Happy Voting day everyone! Maybe you’re a college freshman and voting for the first time or maybe you’re in high school and you’ve volunteered at your local office. Maybe you’re a writer, advocate and investigative journalist on your campus. And maybe you’re still figuring it out, which is also okay. Regardless of your stance it’sContinue reading “Political vibes on college campuses – find your fit”

Choosing Your University and Next Step with Confidence: A How To Guide

I have spent quite a bit of time with my seniors who are in the midst of making a…well…REALLY big decision. And that can be daunting. Because this time next year, they’ll be in a completely different space. A different living space, with a new roommate, maybe a new climate, new city and new surroundings.Continue reading “Choosing Your University and Next Step with Confidence: A How To Guide”