The University of Oxford – Dive into the Admissions & Application Process

FYI: If you haven’t read The University of Oxford General Information post, I recommend beginning there and getting a broader base of Oxford as a whole. The admission process for the University of Oxford is put in place for the upmost academic and personal fit when deciding which individuals to admit within its selective institution.Continue reading “The University of Oxford – Dive into the Admissions & Application Process”

The University of Oxford

What I found at the University of Oxford’s International Guidance Counselor’s Conference went beyond the admissions insights, campus tours and student panels. I found a true love of learning at the University of Oxford. A deep dive into academics. A passion for asking big questions. A community of scholars not solely there because it isContinue reading “The University of Oxford”

London College Tour – University of Oxford and Cambridge

Day 2 included a quick lesson in counting coins over coffee in the city of London to a train ride into the charming Cambridge area in the countryside. Although we saw the University of Cambridge and not the University of Oxford, I’ll put some links that help students in looking at both. Check out ourContinue reading “London College Tour – University of Oxford and Cambridge”