Applying to UC? We have all the tips just for you

The University of California is comprised of ten campuses, nine of which are undergraduate. When we really break it down, what exactly is an admission officer looking at when they review your application? How do you maximize your chance of admission with a stronger application? Just what are the differences between the campuses? We’ve putContinue reading “Applying to UC? We have all the tips just for you”

Understanding UC Admissions & Key Resources

The University of California boasts 9 undergraduate campuses, all now open for applying to as of August 1, 2018 for the Fall 2019 admission cycle. It’s as competitive as ever and record applications continue to roll in each round. What does this mean for you as an applicant? It means getting savvy with the UCContinue reading “Understanding UC Admissions & Key Resources”

“Submit” and download “Headspace”

You’ve spent countless hours revising your essay. (or, ahem, maybe the past few hours)…you’ve checked your activities sheet and squeezed in that last line. You’ve reviewed your coursework. You’ve requested your supplemental materials. But there’s one thing left to do…”submit.” Up to roughly 90,000 students apply to at least one UC campus. And even thoughContinue reading ““Submit” and download “Headspace””