Hult International Business School

Next stop on the Massachusetts college tour, Hult International Business School, a global business school with campuses spreading world-wide educating their diverse student body in the world of business. I had the pleasure of having lunch with Dean Mo Willans as he began his role as Dean at the Boston campus in Cambridge and aContinue reading “Hult International Business School”

Wellesley College and Babson College

Two colleges with distinct specialties make these reviews fun. Wellesley College, being an all women’s institution and Babson College serving solely Business degrees respectively. This is the beauty of college. Finding an environment that fits your needs SO well the opportunity to succeed is off the charts. Why? Because the students attending both of theseContinue reading “Wellesley College and Babson College”

Brandeis University

Located 30 minutes outside of Boston in Waltham, Massachusetts, sits Brandeis University, housing just over 3,600 undergraduate students from 54 different countries. Boasting a fairly decent international population, you’ll find new experiences interacting with your classmates fairly easily! The university itself is fairly big and on a sunny October day, I was able to seeContinue reading “Brandeis University”

How to minimize the extras and get the best chance of admission

Usernames, passwords, application portals, emails, admission “insights” from your neighbor, a family member, friends, the “I heard if you do this…” and “colleges really want to see…” to-do lists, essays, deadlines, the decision to apply early or not, the decision to apply early decision or not, isn’t there a thing called a FAFSA? Thinking ofContinue reading “How to minimize the extras and get the best chance of admission”

Why My Grandfather was the Best College Counselor I Ever Had

As a new college admission season falls upon us, I am reminded daily of the power it brings. Hurling its way into my office in the shape of panic, anxiety and stress. A process packed with self-reflection, vulnerability and inevitable road blocks. A process that affects not only the student, but the family as aContinue reading “Why My Grandfather was the Best College Counselor I Ever Had”

What I’m Doing to Manage Overload…And Why It Works

The beginning of August marked the first week back to school for me. Full school days in addition to teaching weekend college courses, maintaining my health (running/workout routines/meal prepping) and developing side projects which include non-profit work, blogging, posting and oh…ya I think I also have my friends, family and a handful of weddings thisContinue reading “What I’m Doing to Manage Overload…And Why It Works”

The Secret to Finding AND Owning Your College List

If you are a rising Senior, you’re most likely (or will be very soon according to your mother who has been kindly reminding you) thinking about where you’ll be applying in the Fall to four-year universities. I give you major kudos. Because a few things may feel differently in today’s age. Like the fact thatContinue reading “The Secret to Finding AND Owning Your College List”

Seniors…What’s Next

I walked into the staff lounge this morning and found a gorgeous cake dedicated to our school colors and the Class of 2016. It was a sweet (pun intended) reminder that we are almost to graduation. It is hard to believe how quickly it all goes and as my seniors start gearing up for what’s nextContinue reading “Seniors…What’s Next”

UC Application Tips and GPA Calculation

The UC Application is due on November 30th and my seniors are starting to trickle in more frequently with questions. Here are some helpful resources I have found related to applying to the UC system. Happy applying! Calculating your weighted UC GPA If you are looking to calculate your weighted UC GPA keep these tipsContinue reading “UC Application Tips and GPA Calculation”

U.S. Naval Academy College Tour

I was able to visit the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland this week and learned some pretty amazing information about the institution. I have broken down the post into three sections to help: 1. Admissions and Applying 2. Opportunities at the Academy 3. My Subjective Opinion Admissions and Applying Class of 2019 Admission Profile Of aboutContinue reading “U.S. Naval Academy College Tour”