Willamette University

Located in Salem, Oregon (about an hour from Eugene and Portland) you’ll find Willamette University. On the Colleges that Changes Lives list, Willamette offers quite a matching of academic engagement and experience with professors where the sky is the limit. The Colleges that Change Lives is a list of schools that have characteristics that literallyContinue reading “Willamette University”

A little sun never hurt anyone…University of Arizona

University of Arizona. Wildcats. Bear down. Happy students. A menu of college experiences and opportunities to keep you full. This is what comes to mind after visiting the campus in Tucson, Arizona. With more days of sunshine than California and an hour-ish flight away from Los Angeles, U of A is an easy alternative toContinue reading “A little sun never hurt anyone…University of Arizona”

Affordable Out-of-State Options

If you’re a senior  and considering out-of-state options and are looking for some more schools to consider or if you are a student interested in learning more about colleges, please make sure to check out the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE). WUE is a group of participating colleges and universities that offer a reduced tuition price for out-of-state studentsContinue reading “Affordable Out-of-State Options”

University of Kansas

This post is a little delayed, however I felt compelled to share so here it goes! A couple weeks ago I attended a luncheon with the University of Kansas. Often-times the midwest gets the “fly-over” state reputation so I was excited to hear about a college I know of, but not much more than a competitiveContinue reading “University of Kansas”