College Admission Decisions Not What You Expected? Read This.

“…the truth is you HAVEN’T lost that much. But what you have gained…well…we have yet to see.”  If you spent one day…one day…asking each adult you came across about their life and how they got to where they are today, you would find a varying degree of small, powerful stories. Maybe surprising stories. Maybe storiesContinue reading “College Admission Decisions Not What You Expected? Read This.”

NYU in D.C.

New York University is not solely bound to its urban neighborhood in New York. It’s all over…Within the College of Arts & Sciences students can go to London, Florence, Abu Dahbi, Paris, New York and Washington D.C. I¬†experienced life as an undergraduate student attending the D.C. site in the Liberal Studies Core and Global StudiesContinue reading “NYU in D.C.”