Exploring College Options with My Fave Resources

There’s literally thousands of colleges across the country AND international options that are pretty accessible too. How do you start? Here are a few of my go-to resources that can help narrow down a list of colleges that not only meet but exceed your expectations. How? Well when you devote research…true honest research…not only doContinue reading “Exploring College Options with My Fave Resources”

Political vibes on college campuses – find your fit

Happy Voting day everyone! Maybe you’re a college freshman and voting for the first time or maybe you’re in high school and you’ve volunteered at your local office. Maybe you’re a writer, advocate and investigative journalist on your campus. And maybe you’re still figuring it out, which is also okay. Regardless of your stance it’sContinue reading “Political vibes on college campuses – find your fit”

How to Research Colleges and Begin to Build Your College List

Thinking about WHERE to apply to college can seem like a pretty daunting idea. Maybe you’re familiar with a few schools, maybe you have a set idea of THE ONE, or maybe you just have no idea and are pretending the whole thing will work itself out…right? Right. Let’s explore colleges and build your collegeContinue reading “How to Research Colleges and Begin to Build Your College List”

How to Tackle College Prep This Summer

You’ve aced your finals…or at least completed them…You’ve said your “have a good summers” and “we definitely need to hang out” and headed out the doors without looking back. But if you’re a rising Senior there may be a nagging voice that silently (or not so silently) keeps reminding you that college applications and theContinue reading “How to Tackle College Prep This Summer”

What to do FIRST before thinking of applying to colleges

“Where are you applying to college?” It’s safe to say that this question has been asked an insane and overwhelming number of times. As a rising Senior, the number of times you’ll hear this question and even the IMPACT of how you feel when you hear it, will undoubtedly continue to grow. You know what? WeContinue reading “What to do FIRST before thinking of applying to colleges”

All about STEM

Every Monday is a College Monday around BHHS. We like it that way. Why? Well first we get to look no further than our favorite college t-shirt or sweatshirt to rock at school (Mondays can be rough, a set “uniform” of comfortability makes them easier!)…second, we get to give a little workshop! While we coveredContinue reading “All about STEM”

College Search for Juniors…Finding your Fit

I published this post last year, but I’m continually finding it more important than ever for Juniors and younger students to take the time and research college “fit.” So I will paste it below again to read through. Remember, you can be at the “best” college in the world, but if it’s not right forContinue reading “College Search for Juniors…Finding your Fit”

Affordable Out-of-State Options

If you’re a senior  and considering out-of-state options and are looking for some more schools to consider or if you are a student interested in learning more about colleges, please make sure to check out the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE). WUE is a group of participating colleges and universities that offer a reduced tuition price for out-of-state studentsContinue reading “Affordable Out-of-State Options”

The application, essays and beyond – selective institutions

I found this article in the Huffington Post’s online blog. I am not going to put the title, because I really think the content of the article is more valuable than what the title suggests. When you’re thinking about applying, researching colleges and what admission offices are looking for, especially at elite institutions, I likedContinue reading “The application, essays and beyond – selective institutions”