Building your college list strategically

Building a balanced college list has always been a key component to the college application process. Why? Because when you strategize your college list, you apply knowing you have college options that you’ll not only get admitted to, but also enjoy actually attending. You also can prioritize your time and apply to the right amountContinue reading “Building your college list strategically”

How to Tackle College Prep This Summer

You’ve aced your finals…or at least completed them…You’ve said your “have a good summers” and “we definitely need to hang out” and headed out the doors without looking back. But if you’re a rising Senior there may be a nagging voice that silently (or not so silently) keeps reminding you that college applications and theContinue reading “How to Tackle College Prep This Summer”

The Secret to Finding AND Owning Your College List

If you are a rising Senior, you’re most likely (or will be very soon according to your mother who has been kindly reminding you) thinking about where you’ll be applying in the Fall to four-year universities. I give you major kudos. Because a few things may feel differently in today’s age. Like the fact thatContinue reading “The Secret to Finding AND Owning Your College List”

Where should I apply?

If you ask anyone where they went to college and the path they took to get where they are today you will find an assortment of stories full of opportunity, challenges and unexpected turns. It can be surprising to hear where a person spent their undergrad…and that’s the beauty in it. We all have aContinue reading “Where should I apply?”

College Exploration Resources

We have the ability to research anything within seconds. Sometimes it can get overwhelming and the starting point unclear. We hear about how many colleges are out there and how many options we have, but how do you find them? And how do you research a college in a state you have never been toContinue reading “College Exploration Resources”