Steps to Bring Ease to the College Application Process

Today I presented on bringing mindfulness into the world of college counseling. A world that can be…well…full of fear. Fear of not getting in. Fear of failing yourself and those around you. Fear of not being enough. I truly believe that the college admission process does not have to be rooted in fear. How? KeepContinue reading “Steps to Bring Ease to the College Application Process”

Breathe, an acronym for admissions season

Whether you areĀ a Senior typing in your account information to log into the Common Application, or you are a parent of a younger student feeling antsy, or a Junior thinking ahead, remember this…Breathe. Well sure, actually breathe and take breaths throughout this entire process, but also take a look at the acronym below for someContinue reading “Breathe, an acronym for admissions season”

The application, essays and beyond – selective institutions

I found this article in the Huffington Post’s online blog. I am not going to put the title, because I really think the content of the article is more valuable than what the title suggests. When you’re thinking about applying, researching colleges and what admission offices are looking for, especially at elite institutions, I likedContinue reading “The application, essays and beyond – selective institutions”