UC Personal Statement Changing for Class of 2017

Updates from University of California admissions beginning with the Class of 2017 The UC Personal Statement is moving away from its previous two statements and now going with a different model, the personal insight questions The UC Application opens August 1, 2016 for the 2017 admission cycle Take the time over summer to work on essaysContinue reading “UC Personal Statement Changing for Class of 2017”

Macquarie University, Australia

  A handful of my students express interest in studying internationally for more than just a study abroad option and the questions can range from cost and campus life to the application process. This week a representative from a Macquarie University in Australia came to talk to students not only about Macquaire, but about lifeContinue reading “Macquarie University, Australia”

Sophomore College Guidance

This week I am visiting Sophomore classrooms. One of my favorite things to do as a College Counselor is present in classrooms. I love the energy and the interaction with students and today’s start was a good confirmation of why I love it. Sophomore College Guidance Goal of lesson – to increase awareness of collegeContinue reading “Sophomore College Guidance”

UC Application Tips and GPA Calculation

The UC Application is due on November 30th and my seniors are starting to trickle in more frequently with questions. Here are some helpful resources I have found related to applying to the UC system. Happy applying! Calculating your weighted UC GPA If you are looking to calculate your weighted UC GPA keep these tipsContinue reading “UC Application Tips and GPA Calculation”

California State University Application Tidbits

Applying to one of the 23 Cal State campuses? Remember to be mindful of a few things. For instance, some campuses may be impacted, including specific majors. As you walk through the application, here are a few tidbits that may help… Side note: The California State University system is very diverse, with multiple campuses thatContinue reading “California State University Application Tidbits”

Senior checklist for October

This is an email I sent out to my seniors recently (I adjusted some of the checklist items to be more general and not specifically for my school). Enjoy! Dear Parents, If your wondering what your senior should be doing during these next couple months for college applications, please check out the Senior Calendar. TheContinue reading “Senior checklist for October”

Art Portfolio Tips

Do you have a son or daughter applying to an art program that requires a portfolio? While I was away at the National Association for College Admission Counseling Conference I found the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design table which had some pretty amazing resources. Check out their portfolio tips fro prospective undergraduatesContinue reading “Art Portfolio Tips”

Navigating through the Common Application

I love my friends over at CollegeWise and they rolled out an awesome free guide for the Common Application. The Common Application is an online application system that allows students to apply to multiple private and out-of-state colleges on one site. The Common App includes multiple sections and essays. Follow through this guide and makeContinue reading “Navigating through the Common Application”