A Dartmouth, Northwestern, Princeton, Berkeley and Vanderbilt Breakfast!

This morning I met with Dartmouth College, Northwestern University, Princeton University, University of California, Berkeley and Vanderbilt University for some breakfast and campus/admissions updates. This Coast to Coast College Tour is a great opportunity to check in with admissions and hear new information! Colleges are always growing, adding new programs, tweaking plans and it’s amazingContinue reading “A Dartmouth, Northwestern, Princeton, Berkeley and Vanderbilt Breakfast!”

USC Conference 2016

Since I visited the UC Conference this week, it was only fitting that I head over to Trojan land and visit the USC Conference as well…to make it fair. I love this conference. It’s a wonderful way for me to connect with admissions, hear updates and see the campus transformation throughout the years. A buildingContinue reading “USC Conference 2016”

The pieces of your application and the weight of extracurricular activities

  I always love reading the latest article from Collegewise’s founder Kevin McMullin. His advice is sound, to the point and honestly just makes sense. His latest post is in regards to the activities section of an application. Before we dive into the article, let’s take a brief look at the different components of anContinue reading “The pieces of your application and the weight of extracurricular activities”

One simple thing to help through application season

Last week I spent some time with incoming Seniors on their college applications. A short workshop for students to make some big strides. As we worked through the UC Application and Common Application, started on our essays and organized all of the additional odds and ends, one thing stood out the most to me. OneContinue reading “One simple thing to help through application season”

UC personal insight questions & quick tips

Are you applying to a UC school this year? Here are some quick tips to keep in mind and some resources to help as you start writing your personal insight responses: Application opens August 1, 2016 for Fall 2017 applicants Students may continue working on their application and will be able to submit November 1Continue reading “UC personal insight questions & quick tips”

The application, essays and beyond – selective institutions

I found this article in the Huffington Post’s online blog. I am not going to put the title, because I really think the content of the article is more valuable than what the title suggests. When you’re thinking about applying, researching colleges and what admission offices are looking for, especially at elite institutions, I likedContinue reading “The application, essays and beyond – selective institutions”

NYU in D.C.

New York University is not solely bound to its urban neighborhood in New York. It’s all over…Within the College of Arts & Sciences students can go to London, Florence, Abu Dahbi, Paris, New York and Washington D.C. I experienced life as an undergraduate student attending the D.C. site in the Liberal Studies Core and Global StudiesContinue reading “NYU in D.C.”

San Francisco college tour in a day

On Monday, May 16th a few counselors and I took a one day tour to San Francisco and back home. Yes, one day. And we managed to visit 5 schools, walk just about 8 and a half miles AND eat at some local spots, that left us quite full as we boarded the plan. 8:30Continue reading “San Francisco college tour in a day”

What to tell yourself when college decisions come out

This is a short, but important post. To all of my seniors who have heard back, who have been waitlisted and who are comparing yourselves to the other decisions you are hearing from your peers.  Please say the following mantras to yourself, write them down or put them into your notes app on your phone:Continue reading “What to tell yourself when college decisions come out”