Why going through the college process is actually amazing

Seniors, I bet you’re eye rolling at this title. It’s fine. I get it. You’ve re-written, read and re-written your essay a billion times. You’ve created applications, probably have about a dozen username and passwords by now and if we logged into your email it’s most likely flooded, like really flooded, with emails about colleges,Continue reading “Why going through the college process is actually amazing”

How to Tackle College Prep This Summer

You’ve aced your finals…or at least completed them…You’ve said your “have a good summers” and “we definitely need to hang out” and headed out the doors without looking back. But if you’re a rising Senior there may be a nagging voice that silently (or not so silently) keeps reminding you that college applications and theContinue reading “How to Tackle College Prep This Summer”