Understanding UC Admissions & Key Resources

The University of California boasts 9 undergraduate campuses, all now open for applying to as of August 1, 2018 for the Fall 2019 admission cycle. It’s as competitive as ever and record applications continue to roll in each round. What does this mean for you as an applicant? It means getting savvy with the UCContinue reading “Understanding UC Admissions & Key Resources”

UC Application – Get a head start on your app this summer

Today we offered an UC Application Workshop for students to get a head start on working on their applications and getting organized. Please go ahead and watch the video for a shortened version with quick tips and tricks and also check out the key points below. Before you watch the video, please download and/or printContinue reading “UC Application – Get a head start on your app this summer”

UC Conference Fall 2016

This morning, I visited UC Irvine for the UC Counselor Conference. The weather was, amazing, students were bike riding around and I overall felt a sense of a collegiate atmosphere. This is the kind of stuff you get excited about (well at least I do!). I jotted down some information based on last year’s FallContinue reading “UC Conference Fall 2016”

UC personal insight questions & quick tips

Are you applying to a UC school this year? Here are some quick tips to keep in mind and some resources to help as you start writing your personal insight responses: Application opens August 1, 2016 for Fall 2017 applicants Students may continue working on their application and will be able to submit November 1Continue reading “UC personal insight questions & quick tips”

UC Personal Statement Changing for Class of 2017

Updates from University of California admissions beginning with the Class of 2017 The UC Personal Statement is moving away from its previous two statements and now going with a different model, the personal insight questions The UC Application opensĀ August 1, 2016 for the 2017 admission cycle Take the time over summer to work on essaysContinue reading “UC Personal Statement Changing for Class of 2017”

UC Application Tips and GPA Calculation

The UC Application is due on November 30th and my seniors are starting to trickle in more frequently with questions. Here are some helpful resources I have found related to applying to the UC system. Happy applying! Calculating your weighted UC GPA If you are looking to calculate your weighted UC GPA keep these tipsContinue reading “UC Application Tips and GPA Calculation”