Admissions Considerations During COVID-19

In a matter of days admission updates and responses to the COVID-19 pandemic change drastically. As a family with students applying or looking towards the future to apply to college, these times may feel uncertain. A key piece to college applications lies in one word: CONTEXT. Context is the piece of information provided that aContinue reading “Admissions Considerations During COVID-19”

University of Oregon

Three rows full of that green and yellow gear on our flight to Eugene. We were heading to the right place. The University of Oregon is big on spirit. An institution with over 20,000 students celebrating the spirit that is U of O. Nine schools and colleges make up the greater university, where students areContinue reading “University of Oregon”

Submitting early applications? Read these 8 tips

Trick or…trick? If you’re applying early to colleges there’s likely to be a shortage of treats this Halloween. And the tricks aren’t even cool. Like not at all. Actually they’re kind of awful. Because who thought applying to college would be fun, or sane, or easy? Then you add a deadline following what used toContinue reading “Submitting early applications? Read these 8 tips”

I am a counselor first

Yes, my official title states college counselor. Yes, most of my conversations are geared around SAT’s, ACT’s, how to find the right school, how many AP classes should one take, managing expectations and preparing students for the ultimate season of college applications in the fall of their senior year. But here’s the thing. I amContinue reading “I am a counselor first”

How to manage high school and applying to college…as sane as you possibly can

Deadlines, to-do lists, homework, lack of sleep, oh ya…friends, social media, reminders from Mom, writer’s block on your college essay, missing your alarm, running late to class, studying for your Gov quiz on the way to school, not eating super well, checking that Insta story, went to bed at 2:00 a.m., almost to your zeroContinue reading “How to manage high school and applying to college…as sane as you possibly can”

How to know if you should consider more SAT/ACT testing in the Fall

Fall semester senior year is a space to tie up testing before your college applications. It can be difficult to know how to best finalize your testing. Do I take subject exams? Should I take the ACT one more time? When is the last test date I can take my exams in time for myContinue reading “How to know if you should consider more SAT/ACT testing in the Fall”

Have a bumpy transition throughout high school and now thinking of applying to college? Tips to get you there

When you’re thinking of applying to college, everything from keeping track of dates and deadlines, getting in and feeling completely vulnerable can keep your mind occupied with quite a bit of anxiousness. We get that. But what if you have even more on your mind. Like the fact that you transferred from a completely differentContinue reading “Have a bumpy transition throughout high school and now thinking of applying to college? Tips to get you there”

Why a Gap Year May be the Perfect Option for You

Think about this. You graduate high school, start saying your goodbyes and pack for your next new journey. You step on a plane and travel to Israel. You check your Instagram stories and see your friends setting up their dorms, beginning Freshman orientations. You’re a bit nervous…anxious…but also excited about the unknown. You depart theContinue reading “Why a Gap Year May be the Perfect Option for You”

To my students, a response to the admission scandal

My students, This past week’s college admission scandal nationally highlighted a corrupted fraudulent scheme that outed families for upping the stakes in a decision to cheat the system. As you log into your application portals and unfold letters of admission decisions, keep this in mind. You live in a world that is unlike anything else.Continue reading “To my students, a response to the admission scandal”

The One Video Every Parent & Educator Needs to Watch

As a counselor time and time again I’ve recommended a book titled How to Raise an Adult by Julie Lythcott-Haimes. A book about the perils our students face because of over-involved, over-managed and over-scheduled lives. Our students have never been more intelligent. They have never had more access to information. They have also never been more anxious and stressed. And don’t forgetContinue reading “The One Video Every Parent & Educator Needs to Watch”