SAT-ACT: What, when, why and how does it factor in admissions?

It is Saturday, and I am at school because it’s been a week filled with testing education AND it continues with today’s practice SAT and ACT exam. Now I’m sure the students currently testing aren’t reveling in the joy that is waking up on a Saturday and coming back to school. And come back forContinue reading “SAT-ACT: What, when, why and how does it factor in admissions?”

Highly Selective College Admissions

Thank you to our guest speaker Arun Ponnusamy, Head Counselor and Vice President of Collegewise, for joining us at BHHS and sharing his expertise and knowledge with our families with his presentation on Highly Selective College Admissions! Please take a look at a recap below: Let’s define “selective” Colleges/universities that accept 20% or fewer studentsContinue reading “Highly Selective College Admissions”