Steps to Bring Ease to the College Application Process

Today I presented on bringing mindfulness into the world of college counseling. A world that can be…well…full of fear. Fear of not getting in. Fear of failing yourself and those around you. Fear of not being enough. I truly believe that the college admission process does not have to be rooted in fear. How? KeepContinue reading “Steps to Bring Ease to the College Application Process”

8 signs you’re over thinking the whole college thing

You log into your student portals for the umpteenth time JUST in case something new has popped up since the last time you checked…which was about 10 minutes ago You go to a restaurant and when the waiter asks you for your order you quickly respond, “I don’t know! I think I’m going to addContinue reading “8 signs you’re over thinking the whole college thing”

“Submit” and download “Headspace”

You’ve spent countless hours revising your essay. (or, ahem, maybe the past few hours)…you’ve checked your activities sheet and squeezed in that last line. You’ve reviewed your coursework. You’ve requested your supplemental materials. But there’s one thing left to do…”submit.” Up to roughly 90,000 students apply to at least one UC campus. And even thoughContinue reading ““Submit” and download “Headspace””


Stress. Set back. Disappointment. “It wasn’t my fault.” Emotions and phrases I come across daily. In my role as a College Counselor and an educator, I am surrounded by impressionable and impressive young adults each and every day. I hear the good, the bad and the ugly…and oh is the ugly, UGLY. But in thisContinue reading “Resiliency”

Your admissions testing do not define you…dear students…

Dear students who just received their SAT scores, You may have logged into Collegeboard on your phone this morning or last night and saw a few numbers that held more meaning than the simple digits on the screen. You may have breathed a sigh of relief…or you may have felt your stomach drop. Drop becauseContinue reading “Your admissions testing do not define you…dear students…”

Tomorrow’s ACT and a few words of advice

I wrote a post on the SAT and test-taking tips, words of encouragement and the weight of the SAT. A student pointed out to me that it would only be fair to write one on the ACT…and he was correct! So here it goes… To all of my students who have set their alarm toContinue reading “Tomorrow’s ACT and a few words of advice”

Where should I apply?

If you ask anyone where they went to college and the path they took to get where they are today you will find an assortment of stories full of opportunity, challenges and unexpected turns. It can be surprising to hear where a person spent their undergrad…and that’s the beauty in it. We all have aContinue reading “Where should I apply?”

Tomorrow’s SAT and a few words of advice

Best of luck to my students taking the SAT tomorrow! I have two categories of things to consider. Category #1 – Preparing for the day of and Category #2 – The weight of the SAT Preparing for the Day of Go back to the basics We have all been in stressful situations. Maybe it was aContinue reading “Tomorrow’s SAT and a few words of advice”

Breathe, an acronym for admissions season

Whether you are a Senior typing in your account information to log into the Common Application, or you are a parent of a younger student feeling antsy, or a Junior thinking ahead, remember this…Breathe. Well sure, actually breathe and take breaths throughout this entire process, but also take a look at the acronym below for someContinue reading “Breathe, an acronym for admissions season”

What to tell yourself when college decisions come out

This is a short, but important post. To all of my seniors who have heard back, who have been waitlisted and who are comparing yourselves to the other decisions you are hearing from your peers.  Please say the following mantras to yourself, write them down or put them into your notes app on your phone:Continue reading “What to tell yourself when college decisions come out”