7 Ways to Breeze Through Finals

Set up your “studying” area (no one studies well in the middle of the kitchen with everyone running around, or sitting on your bed or in an area you’re used to. relaxing in) Get a clear, quiet space and ask others to respect your studying time No phone zone – turn off your phone orContinue reading “7 Ways to Breeze Through Finals”

Survival Guide for Seniors at the Thanksgiving Table

I smell the pies. The baking spices. The turkey. Oh that turkey. Smell the…fear? Wait, why do I smell fear? It might be the number of relatives I sense walking up behind me. No they aren’t walking. They’re running. Why are they running? Here it comes. The questions. “Where are you applying?” “Where are youContinue reading “Survival Guide for Seniors at the Thanksgiving Table”

8 signs you’re over thinking the whole college thing

You log into your student portals for the umpteenth time JUST in case something new has popped up since the last time you checked…which was about 10 minutes ago You go to a restaurant and when the waiter asks you for your order you quickly respond, “I don’t know! I think I’m going to addContinue reading “8 signs you’re over thinking the whole college thing”