What Colleges WANT to See. How to Create Impact and a Lasting Impression.

Your college application is a culmination of your personal and academic experiences that showcase your strengths, talents, challenges, interests and are hopefully a prediction of the work yet to be done in the four-year journey ahead. As a college counselor who has worked with students over the past five years, I have heard the “whatContinue reading “What Colleges WANT to See. How to Create Impact and a Lasting Impression.”

Help I’m a Senior! Survival Tips for College Applicants

College Application season is upon us and it can be incredibly overwhelming to know where to begin. It is way too easy to get lost in the details. The minutiae overpowers any sense of direction and before you know it, you’re exhausted and not even halfway through the process. NOT TOO WORRY. Do the followingContinue reading “Help I’m a Senior! Survival Tips for College Applicants”

Touring George Mason University

This week kicked off in Fairfax Virginia with a tour of George Mason University. Noted as a tier 1 research institution, this newer college (in the world of colleges that is) is something to be reckoned with. George Mason boasts top programs including Computer Engineering, Criminology and Law, Cyber Security, Visual/Performing Arts and an HonorsContinue reading “Touring George Mason University”