The power of “so what”

The college application process can be quite a reflective, challenging and vulnerable one. Oftentimes leaving you feeling depleted and questioning basically everything. Transcripts, deadlines, college essays, what colleges to actually apply to, the application process itself, depositing and ultimately attending that one university. All without stopping to ask yourself, so what? What’s the point? What’sContinue reading “The power of “so what””

How College Admission is Suffocating our Students

Across my desk sits a picture painted of unrealistic expectations. Anxiousness and self-doubt. Ideals of what success should look like. An all or nothing mentality. An average student who feels like a failure. An AP student who lacks hours of sleep and is barely holding it together. A student in love with soccer who quitsContinue reading “How College Admission is Suffocating our Students”

Why a Liberal Arts College May be Just for You & Claremont Colleges College Tour

Liberal Arts. Gasp! (Insert sarcasm here) But what about the laser-focus? The foundation in something substantial. Liberal Arts you say? There can’t possibly be Math or Science happening. I don’t get it. How can you be successful with LIBERAL ARTS?  It’s okay to admit that you may not be as familiar with the liberal arts model. ButContinue reading “Why a Liberal Arts College May be Just for You & Claremont Colleges College Tour”

Top Myths about College Admissions

I want to thank Josh Ochs from Safe Smart Social for having me on Parent University as we talked about the Top Myths in College Admissions! Please take a look at the video and check out the full content written below in bullet points with links and resources. Top Myths about College Admissions Undoubtedly you have heardContinue reading “Top Myths about College Admissions”

Why Your Online Image Matters

Last Friday I attended a Digital Citizenship Conference with Safe Smart Social for an important discussion – why your online image matters. More importantly how it can create a new pathway towards success or stop you in your tracks. As a college counselor I am constantly advising students on presenting their narrative to prospective collegesContinue reading “Why Your Online Image Matters”

Touring George Mason University

This week kicked off in Fairfax Virginia with a tour of George Mason University. Noted as a tier 1 research institution, this newer college (in the world of colleges that is) is something to be reckoned with. George Mason boasts top programs including Computer Engineering, Criminology and Law, Cyber Security, Visual/Performing Arts and an HonorsContinue reading “Touring George Mason University”

New resource page!

I have just created a new resource page on the site. So any time I post an article with a downloadable resource I can share, I will add it to the page. I’ve added a few from my past blog posts. Some of the resources include the application organization grid from the One simple thingContinue reading “New resource page!”

One simple thing to help through application season

Last week I spent some time with incoming Seniors on their college applications. A short workshop for students to make some big strides. As we worked through the UC Application and Common Application, started on our essays and organized all of the additional odds and ends, one thing stood out the most to me. OneContinue reading “One simple thing to help through application season”

Considering Financial Aid in College Choices & FAFSA Updates

Financial Aid can sometimes be one of the last factors considered when students are searching for colleges to apply to. Make this a priority! Include financial considerations within your conversations at home about college. This year beginning with the Class of 2017 the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will be open October 1,Continue reading “Considering Financial Aid in College Choices & FAFSA Updates”

U.S. Naval Academy College Tour

I was able to visit the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland this week and learned some pretty amazing information about the institution. I have broken down the post into three sections to help: 1. Admissions and Applying 2. Opportunities at the Academy 3. My Subjective Opinion Admissions and Applying Class of 2019 Admission Profile Of aboutContinue reading “U.S. Naval Academy College Tour”