NYU in D.C.

New York University is not solely bound to its urban neighborhood in New York. It’s all over…Within the College of Arts & Sciences students can go to London, Florence, Abu Dahbi, Paris, New York and Washington D.C. I experienced life as an undergraduate student attending the D.C. site in the Liberal Studies Core and Global StudiesContinue reading “NYU in D.C.”

San Francisco college tour in a day

On Monday, May 16th a few counselors and I took a one day tour to San Francisco and back home. Yes, one day. And we managed to visit 5 schools, walk just about 8 and a half miles AND eat at some local spots, that left us quite full as we boarded the plan. 8:30Continue reading “San Francisco college tour in a day”

University of Miami, Oxford Ohio College Tour

As I sit on the bus heading out of Oxford I reflect on my experience for the past day and a half at the University of Miami, Oxford Ohio. Lush trees, large red brick buildings and students buzzing around. If you ask most of my students they have never heard of Miami. But as weContinue reading “University of Miami, Oxford Ohio College Tour”

University of Kansas

This post is a little delayed, however I felt compelled to share so here it goes! A couple weeks ago I attended a luncheon with the University of Kansas. Often-times the midwest gets the “fly-over” state reputation so I was excited to hear about a college I know of, but not much more than a competitiveContinue reading “University of Kansas”

U.S. Naval Academy College Tour

I was able to visit the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland this week and learned some pretty amazing information about the institution. I have broken down the post into three sections to help: 1. Admissions and Applying 2. Opportunities at the Academy 3. My Subjective Opinion Admissions and Applying Class of 2019 Admission Profile Of aboutContinue reading “U.S. Naval Academy College Tour”

Fall in Merrimack

Merrimack College visited us today and I picked up a few tidbits a lot of my students would love to hear! They have seasons (Apple picking, hay rides, snow…) something us Southern Californian’s are foreign too (Example: It is 82 degrees out and it’s October 9th. The liberal arts campus has an Integrated Biology majorContinue reading “Fall in Merrimack”