Lancaster University & University of Manchester

The Explore England college tour continued with Lancaster University and the University of Manchester. Two complete opposite universities. What I love about touring is really getting a sense of the best fit university for a particular student. Touring is amazing. It’s a way to get to view not just the university, but the surrounding communityContinue reading “Lancaster University & University of Manchester”

High Point University

Massive red-brick and white buildings, water fountains streaming throughout and some of the greenest, freshest cut grass I’ve ever seen.Walking on campus, especially during the holidays, felt unreal. Literally like I was in a movie…and I live in Los Angeles. I’ve seen sets. But it wasn’t a movie. It is High Point University (HPU). HomeContinue reading “High Point University”

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs and the Air Force Academy

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs  Located up on the hill, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS) is home to about 12,400 undergraduate students with 46 bachelor programs, and rankings in Business, Engineering and Nursing. Top programs include Exercise Science, Athletic Training, Engineering Education, Professional Golf Management, Sports Management, Nursing, Homeland Security and Criminal Justice. WithContinue reading “University of Colorado, Colorado Springs and the Air Force Academy”

Colorado College

How would you like to take one class…only one, for three and a half weeks, take four days off and then dive into your next class? How about study Geology in the local Pike’s Peak mountain range? Does diving in deep discussion and experiential learning make you terrified? Or super excited? If you’re super excited,Continue reading “Colorado College”

University of Denver and University of Colorado, Boulder

Colorado College Tour Day 1 included the University of Denver and University of Colorado, Boulder. Denver, Colorado was a quick hour and 45 minute flight from Los Angeles. With all seasons and no humidity, mountains and its proximity to California, I can see why Colorado becomes an easy choice for California students. Plus, it hasContinue reading “University of Denver and University of Colorado, Boulder”

MIT, Harvard & Wellesley Visit + Highly Selective Admissions & Resources

As I begin my time at the National Association for College Admission Counseling conference in Boston, MA, there will be sooo much more information to come. So to save time typing and for the sake of providing quick, but valuable resources, take a look below. Read it all or find a section that you likeContinue reading “MIT, Harvard & Wellesley Visit + Highly Selective Admissions & Resources”

San Diego Colleges & Universities

Only 2 hours (and change depending on traffic) away from Los Angeles, San Diego makes it easy for Southern California students to live in a completely new environment, yet be reasonably close to home. If you’re an out of state student, it’s a great environment to be close to the beach and enjoy Southern California. EitherContinue reading “San Diego Colleges & Universities”

International Business & Hospitality Management – Les Roches & Glion

After spending a week touring Les Roches and Glion Institute of Higher Education in multiple locations I have learned that the industry of hospitality management is not only a lucrative one, but one that is flexible, profitable and can take students on a pathway to success. Read on to find out what hospitality management encompassesContinue reading “International Business & Hospitality Management – Les Roches & Glion”