A Guide to Studying in Australia…yep…Australia

Attending a university outside of the United States may feel foreign. Did you catch that pun there? Well fears step aside and be ready to hear about something different and excited and way more accessible than you think. Families may feel limited in college options, when the truth is there are a TON of collegeContinue reading “A Guide to Studying in Australia…yep…Australia”

Woodbury University

A hidden gem in California. A small powerhouse of a university. Boasting top accredited programs, individualized student support AND offering the financial means to make it all possible. These are only some of the reasons why Woodbury University is a place to check out. Located in Burbank, California, over 1,200 students call Woodbury their home.Continue reading “Woodbury University”

SAT-ACT: What, when, why and how does it factor in admissions?

It is Saturday, and I am at school because it’s been a week filled with testing education AND it continues with today’s practice SAT and ACT exam. Now I’m sure the students currently testing aren’t reveling in the joy that is waking up on a Saturday and coming back to school. And come back forContinue reading “SAT-ACT: What, when, why and how does it factor in admissions?”

2020 Intentions for Families in the College Process

I can see clearly now the rain is gone… Expect if you’re applying, have applied or are a younger family thinking about applying to college, it feels like a whole thunderstorm that’s looming overhead. College is scary. It feels impossible to get in. It feels like everyone is getting A’s, are in AP classes andContinue reading “2020 Intentions for Families in the College Process”

College Preparation Goals for December: Broken down by grade level

I hope you had a restful holiday weekend! Or, maybe you had a weekend like one of my students who ordered pizza and chocolate cake for Thanksgiving while tying up his UC applications. Regardless if you were re-charging or just plain charging, tis the season to have more dates added to your calendar and lastContinue reading “College Preparation Goals for December: Broken down by grade level”

The one thing you can do to meet your deadlines and tackle to do lists

Oh to give thanks. Thankful for the last minute essay revisions that kept you up at 2:00 a.m. Thankful for social media making you feel like the only human being still working on your Common App. Thankful for your mother and her “gentle” and “subtle” reminders to complete your college applications. Thankful for a UCContinue reading “The one thing you can do to meet your deadlines and tackle to do lists”

What a college really wants

What looks better for college? What will an admissions officer want to see? Is it better to do community service or have an internship? Should I continue with my volleyball club team or dedicate more time to something entrepreneurial because I will be applying to business programs? I’m too busy to visit colleges, I’m studyingContinue reading “What a college really wants”

Hult International Business School: Visiting the London campus

Someone who has fire in their belly. That is how admissions described the type of student who would be a best fit for Hult International Business School. Why? Because students at Hult are not only studying business, they have chosen an experience beyond the norm. Beyond the traditional university curriculum, Hult operates campuses globally toContinue reading “Hult International Business School: Visiting the London campus”

Willamette University

Located in Salem, Oregon (about an hour from Eugene and Portland) you’ll find Willamette University. On the Colleges that Changes Lives list, Willamette offers quite a matching of academic engagement and experience with professors where the sky is the limit. The Colleges that Change Lives is a list of schools that have characteristics that literallyContinue reading “Willamette University”

University of Oregon

Three rows full of that green and yellow gear on our flight to Eugene. We were heading to the right place. The University of Oregon is big on spirit. An institution with over 20,000 students celebrating the spirit that is U of O. Nine schools and colleges make up the greater university, where students areContinue reading “University of Oregon”