National College Decision Day and What You Need to Know

Seniors committing to four year colleges:

Today is your day! May 1 is National Commitment Deadline Day. There may be some updates due to COVID-19, but for the vast majority, committing to a college by today is your first step towards many incredible steps to come. Here are a few things to keep in mind, plus an awesome article I found helpful on committing and what to look forward to. 

Do I need to commit to a college by today? Students committing to UCs and a majority of four year colleges amidst COVID-19 are STILL preferring you commit to your university of choice by today. There may be some colleges you are considering that are allowing students to commit by June 1, but it is incredibly important you check with your school and ensure you are not missing any opportunities. Commit to your four year university today by paying your security deposit and indicating you will attend that university (check within your portals for directions) and if you’re wanting a little more confidence, check out this post: How to commit to your university and feel confident about it 

Also note, if your family cannot afford financially to pay the deposit fee due to financial hardship during this time, complete the following form and send to your university.

Once you commit, please withdraw your spots at other universities. 

What if I have a waitlist option? You will still want to commit to a university by May 1. Complete all the steps to stay on a waitlist (check for directions in your portals) and then set it aside. Waitlist options can vary year to year, try not to overthink or overlook into data and get excited about your secured option. If the waitlist pulls through and you would like to attend, you would simply forgo your security deposit and enroll in the waitlisted school

If you are still considering a community college and unsure, ensure you complete all enrollment steps and get connected with a counselor from the community college. 

Review your financial aid packages and send any updates to the college if your income has drastically changed or if you would like to see if there are any opportunities for more aid. Call your financial office directly. 

Check out this College Decision Day article for resources and more!!


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Author of The College Wellness Guide. Beverly Hills High School College Counselor.

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