AP Testing 2020 Updates

Trevor Packer, the head of the Advanced Placement (AP) Program, streamed a live webinar to provide updates for spring 2020 AP testing. After a full semester of curriculum and a spring semester beginning with home learning, students will be able to test for APs at home and have the opportunity for college credit and to test their knowledge.

I encourage you to always go directly to the source, so do check out College Board’s AP testing page for the most up-to-date information. Packer stated that as of mid-day Friday, April 3, 2020, all of the information will be online and accessible.

AP College Board Exam Updates 2020

  • After a nationwide survey conducted by College Board, 91% of students overwhelmingly said they do not cancel exams and that they wanted to test. 
  • AP testing dates, May 11 – May 22
  • Makeup dates , June 1 – 5
  • Students will be able to take exams on their laptop, desktop or cell-phone and they will be shorter exams

In order to proceed with AP testing, College Board needed to meet five criteria 

  1. Could not offer tests unless they were still able to provide accommodations 
    • Delivery platform will automatically extend testing times for students who had it already approved
  2. Could not deliver exams in a way that would reduce likelihood of students who are low income have access to exams
    • Students who need devices may go to cb.org/tech by April 24th and request laptops and support
  3. If schools re-opened, school counselors would need to spend time on valuable services rather than test prep coordinating, College Board wanted to provide an opportunity to do counseling rather than doing proctoring 
  4. Ensure that colleges felt good and strong about the solution 
    • UC recognized the efforts that students have already applied and will award credit completed with scores of 3, 4 or 5 consistent with previous years
  5. Exams administered at home needs to be fair 
    • College Board cannot assume a student won’t look at a textbook or Google so each AP exam question is being screened so that there are no points available via Google or books 

Challenges/changes of testing at home 

  • Exam will be shorter
  • Question types will be familiar to the curriculum
  • Students will need to keep track of times for themselves 
    • Students can shut off a timer and turn back on 
    • If material is not submitted within the time period they will NOT be able to score it
  • Students can handwrite take a photo of response and upload or typed responses and upload a picture or paste in the word document. Student choice

How can exams be administered at homes in a secure way? 

College Board has protocols in place to catch cheating. While they did not disclose all of them, Packer did share the following:

  • To access exam, they will complete several steps to detect impersonation
  • Student responses will be scanned for plagiarism 
  • Students caught for cheating will be reported to every college they have submitted SAT/testing scores to.
  • Every AP teacher will receive copies no later than May 26 of the student responses

AP YouTube Live and Recorded Subject Support

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