Hult International Business School: Visiting the London campus

Someone who has fire in their belly. That is how admissions described the type of student who would be a best fit for Hult International Business School. Why? Because students at Hult are not only studying business, they have chosen an experience beyond the norm. Beyond the traditional university curriculum, Hult operates campuses globally to educate their immensely diverse student population. Coming back from the Hult Counselor’s Summit in London, England, I am not only impressed by the accreditation of the school (among the top percent of business schools worldwide), but also by the faculty and experience that is Hult in its day to day.

Before I go into my experience, let me share some quick facts if you’re unfamiliar.

Hult International Business School Quick Facts

  • Accredited by three bodies: The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International), Association of MBAs (AMBA), and EQUIS (The European Quality Improvement System)
  • First and only business school in the U.S. to achieve triple accreditation, held by just one percent of business schools worldwide
  • Nonprofit, independent
  • Six campuses, London, Boston, San Francisco (main campuses), Dubai, Shanghai (global rotation), New York (graduate programs)
  • Begin at one of the main campuses and can rotate anywhere
    • Example, Student begins in Boston, completes core coursework and spends the summer in Dubai and finishes in London (or back to Boston)
  • Diverse campus
    • Represents over 150 nationalities, 82 languages spoken, no one nationality, evenly distributed
  • Students on average graduate in 2.7 years, can transfer AP, IB, etc. and with summer rotations complete degree quicker
  • Minimum 1 internship for all students (most do more) 65% of internships turn into full time employment, 480 + internships secured globally
  • Curriculum
    • General education/Business core (liberal arts, math, science all through the lens of business) teaching critical thinking skills, business fundamentals every student needs to know
    • Majors/Minors
    • Experiential learning, team challenges, real-life practice beyond theory, includes Social Impact Challenge
    • Internships
    • Capstone

Hult London and What a Student/Family Should Know When Considering Hult

As I landed in London after a direct flight from Los Angeles, I was ready to get on campus. The London campus is located in Aldgate East, just outside the City of London in the east side. You could hop on the tube and get there within about an hour-hour an half depending on time of day/delays.

City of London, minutes walk from campus

The campus is housed within a completely restructured building from back in the day. They valued the architecture and built a clean, tech savvy campus with classrooms, a coffee/pizza restaurant and tons of meeting/study spaces. A TON. The beauty of a Hult campus is that it’s a space built for creativity, fostering ideas and it’s state of the art. It is sleek, modern and feels like you’re in this professional space, except it’s your classroom.

There are housing options (dorms) accessible, but it definitely is not your traditional campus, there’s no mass quad, football stadium, massive student union, etc. But I think that’s what students coming to Hult thrive off of. An environment dedicated to learning, building relationships and getting plugged in with what matters quickly.

Something I found interesting is that Hult faculty is quite extraordinary. A handful of professors who teach Hult courses also teach at neighboring universities. So you may get say a professor who teaches at University College London, a selective top institution in England, and also teaches at Hult. Hult classes are super small and engaging, so a student gains direct access to professors I believe more than a larger traditional institution.

Hult challenges its students to not only advance in business, but the world as well. They weave social impact within their curriculum and offer business challenges to help solve some of the world’s biggest problems.

We took two classes with professors and one in growth mindset. This idea that talent can be learned through practice and self awareness, not that people are simply born with stellar characteristics. I think the course lent itself to the larger lens that is Hult. Students with the drive to succeed in business, an entrepreneurial mindset and a want to grow in their expertise will benefit from an environment like this.

Hult brings in speakers, companies and individuals in the business world for their lectures, business challenges, internship connections and more. They’re plugged in.

Hult students can choose to start their education on either the San Francisco, London or Boston campus. The London houses the largest undergraduate population and all have an option for housing on/near campus or will help you find housing close by. All have Instagram accounts and I highly recommend searching and getting a sense of what it all looks like. Check out my post from visiting the Boston campus HERE.

Career facts to note: 97% of students are employed or pursuing an advanced degree after graduation, 6% start their own business. They follow a ROAD model R, Reflect (self exploration) O, Observe (market exploration in the field of interest) A, Accelerate (targeted plans/communications), D, Drive (internships, interviews and job offers)

Who would Hult NOT be good for? A student looking for a traditional college campus and environment and a student not wanting to have a larger lens of business in their studies. Hult is incredibly international, so being comfortable with engaging with others culturally is a must.

Who would Hult BE a good fit for? A student who wants a business curriculum that is beyond theory, experiential, plugged in with industry standards. A student looking for a global network. A student who wants to understand more about themselves, learn about the world and prepare for the future.

Outdoor study area at Hult’s London campus

Big Extras to Note

Hult Prize

Students are able to enter into the competition for the Hult Prize. A competition to solve global problems where thousands of students put together business proposals and compete for the Hult Prize. Open to undergrads and graduates, students in the finals end up presenting some what of a Shark Tank feel and at that point have their businesses running.

Alumni, Return on Investment

Alumni span thousands across the globe. Alumni get to take one free elective course every year for life as they choose to keep up with industry growth and standards.


Scholarships received are renewable yearly. Students can apply for scholarships or awards and they all have a different theme, for example there is a Visionary Women and Social Impact Award or an Academic Excellence Scholarship based on GPA and test scores.

Interested in more information or applying?

My recommendation? Hult admissions representatives are incredibly transparent, so talk to them early on, have a coffee with them and get to know your options on not only Hult, but affordability as well.

You can apply on their website or on the Common App. My recommendation as a counselor is that their website is much more straightforward and user friendly for Hult specifically.

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