University of Oregon

Three rows full of that green and yellow gear on our flight to Eugene. We were heading to the right place. The University of Oregon is big on spirit. An institution with over 20,000 students celebrating the spirit that is U of O. Nine schools and colleges make up the greater university, where students are studying everything from computer science, to business, to education, music/dance, law and more.

We were able to tour campus with former students, which I feel is always one of the best ways to get to know a university at its core. From the students, who can give you a tour through a real on-the-ground lens. One was working as a tutor in the writing center, another was about to declare a computer science major. Another was just beginning her freshman year and already involved in Hall Government at her dorm, while the other a part of the Jewish community. One a kicker for the football team and one beginning to rush a fraternity.

The students were a mixed bag of varying interests all looking for similar experiences, a bigger university with a quintessential college town, school spirit and the ability to experience multiple things in one space. All coming from Los Angeles, getting a taste of a different life.

Students who would thrive at University of Oregon are ones looking for an academic and social balance. Students who want to be a part of a larger community that’s unified through and through. Oregon is big, so getting involved I believe is a key to success. Students can find anything, literally, but it’s about getting outside the dorm and diving into clubs, activities, intramural sports, cultural experiences, and whatever else they fancy.

There’s an Honors College for anyone looking for a more academically challenging experience, there’s an open art studio in the student center for anyone to learn things like pottery and painting, there’s a farmer’s market every weekend down one of the main drags, their is study abroad options, there’s club teams. Whatever you fancy.

Students can experience all seasons, the city itself has a river running through, with trails for biking, running, there’s hiking, outdoor activities, downtown local eats and all the chain staples to help students get what they need…a.k.a Target, Subway, Panda Express…

I’m a firm believer that you’ll get the most up-to-date information on a university directly on their website, so do check out Oregon’s website: University of Oregon and look at majors, programs, and meet your regional admission counselor. Shout out to our Regional Admission Counselor Eric Feldman who visits us at Beverly Hills High School! He’ll meet with students at local coffee shops, give you the ins and outs of Oregon and admission information. Take ADVANTAGE of your local admission counselors when considering a university!


Use the Explore Majors features to find directly what you’re looking for. TIP: Read about the classes you’ll take withing a major to get a sense if it’s the right choice for you! Also don’t sweat if you don’t know what you want to do, you can change your mind! Just get a sense of what academic strengths and interests you have and how those could apply to potential majors!

Graduate programs

Go Ducks!

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Author of The College Wellness Guide. Beverly Hills High School College Counselor.

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