London International Conference: Exploring King’s College, University College London, London School of Economics, Imperial College & SOAS

This past week I participated in the London International Counselor’s Conference. Five institutions boasting heavy-hitting renowned programs all within the bustling metropolis of London made up the tour.

The enchantment of London is something my Los Angeles students can relate to, or anyone for that matter who has grown up in a big city, or is interested in diving into the busy waters. It’s a city with incredible history, new growth and an incredibly international feel. I felt welcomed even as I figured out how to take the tube (subway) between the colleges using my new Oyster card, yes Oyster.

The beauty with studying internationally is the ability to study your core degree in 3 years on average completing a focused study and graduating often with experiences such as internships, research, studying abroad and more. Studying internationally is more accessible and affordable than most think AND students come back with not only a degree, but a resume showcasing the ability to navigate a foreign country. I believe that’s a leg up in the professional world, having global connections within world-renowned institutions is pretty enticing. Check out a recap below of the schools I visited, and as always, go directly to the website for more information. Looking for general information on where to start? Check out my previous post on Essential Resources and Tips + General Good-to-Know Information for Studying in the U.K.

SOAS – University of London

SOAS specializes in Law, Social Sciences, Humanities, Cultures and Languages and offers a haven for students wanting a smaller institution within the greater London area. Students interested in social activism would thrive at SOAS. For further information visit here: SOAS

  • Around 6,000 students with over half coming outside of the U.K.
  • Law, Social Science, Humanities, Language and Culture make up the areas of focus at SOAS
  • Founded originally in 1916 and set up to teach the British Empire about other cultures and navigating social, political and cultural relations
  • Keeping to its roots while continuing to encourage political and social change within its student body is a core of SOAS
  • Students studying here will focus on everything from Law, to Economics, Politics, Finance Management and Government Studies and Languages/Religion/Culture
  • Students have the opportunity to combine degrees and can take advantage of the smaller university and access to professors

University of College London

University of College London is a selective, academic research institution in the heart of London. The college itself feels like a mix of campus/museum and incredible architectural pieces filled with students, classrooms and cafes. It is one of the larger universities in London. Take a look at some facts below and visit their website for further information: University College London

  • 38,000 students from 150 different countries
  • First institution to welcome students of any religion and to admit women
  • Ranked in the top 10 in the world (QS World Rankings)
  • Located centrally in London giving students full access to the city
  • Large, research based institution, top within the U.K.
  • Top programs include Law, Economics, Medicine, Architecture, Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Biomedical Sciences, Psychology, English, Computer Science and Information Management for Business
  • Offer unique Arts and Sciences Bachelor’s giving students a three year interdisciplinary degree not often found in England institutions

London School of Economics and Political Science

LSE is a top institution for social sciences boasting global rankings in finance/banking, law, political science, government and more. Check out the facts below and visit their website for further information: London School of Economics and Political Science

  • Ranked 2nd in the world for Social Science and Management subjects
  • Leading in the world for social sciences
  • Top research institution for politics, government, consultancy, law, research/education, finance and banking
  • Overall about 12,00 students with a large diverse global population
  • Over 200 student societies (clubs), sports clubs and events throughout the school year creating a smaller community
  • In the heart of London
  • 18 Nobel Prize winners have taught or studied at LSE
  • Global alumni network

Kings College of London

When I toured King’s College London, I got a similar feeling to New York University in the sense that the campus is truly intertwined within the city. With a bustling student body and top academics, King’s College is a heavy hitter in the London universities offering students a TON of opportunities within the college itself and the greater London area. Visit the website for further information: King’s College London

  • Ranked in the top 10 of UK universities in the world by QS World University Rankings
  • 31,000 students total including postgraduate students
  • 5 campuses located throughout London
  • 12 Nobel Prize winners and distinguished alumni
    coming from King’s
  • World-leading research
  • Career services available to students
  • Societies
  • Liberal Arts track available (students can explore disciplines and choose a track within the major, study a language, study abroad) purpose of the program is to increase employability upon graduation (completed in 3 years)

Imperial College London  

Specific to the fields of business, science, engineering and medicine, Imperial college is a top academic institution globally ranked for students. Students work together throughout the university to create incredible projects, conduct research and collaborate with peers. Take a look at some highlights below and visit their website for further information on application requirements/deadlines and further courses of study here:
Imperial College.

  • Global reputation for science, engineering and medicine
  • Experiential learning (hands-on, collaborative, research-based) projects meant to challenge students practically and academically
  • Around 14,700 students
  • Esteemed faculty
  • Top, cutting edge research collaborating with faculty and industry experts
  • Specializing in innovation and enterprise
  • Housing accommodations available for all first year students

Published by Casey Barneson

Author of The College Wellness Guide. Beverly Hills High School College Counselor.

One thought on “London International Conference: Exploring King’s College, University College London, London School of Economics, Imperial College & SOAS

  1. I was looking into Imperial College for Engineering. Does it hafe AeroSpace Engineering? My son has a British passport as well, is there financial aid?

    Thank you,
    A. Booth


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