Hult International Business School

Next stop on the Massachusetts college tour, Hult International Business School, a global business school with campuses spreading world-wide educating their diverse student body in the world of business. I had the pleasure of having lunch with Dean Mo Willans as he began his role as Dean at the Boston campus in Cambridge and a tour with our regional admissions counselor of the campus.

Campus fit is an important conversation to have when researching and thinking of where to attend your next step after graduation. Academics, location, social, campus amenities, etc. It’s SUPER important families take the time to incorporate the “why” and “what” into their college search. WHAT are you looking for and WHY is this school ideal for you?

Hult is a specialized institution hyper-focused on graduating future business leaders of the world in a myriad of business concentrations. Their curriculum, buildings, professors and student body are always growing with a demanding changing work environment. I believe this one of Hult’s greatest strengths. If you’re a student looking to dive into the world of business, you’ll get a degree that allows you to strengthen your skills and graduate with a full resume and personalized contacts as you connect your college degree towards a career.

Hult offers accessible master’s programs (and will even offer a FREE second master’s degree to its students) in addition to its undergraduate programs. Hult campuses are located in Boston, London, San Francisco, Dubai, New York and Shanghai, offering students flexibility in studying across campuses. A student studying in Boston, for example, may spend a summer studying in London or Shanghai, tailoring their degree to their needs and interests.

IMG-4153When I walked around the Boston campus, I was impressed with the sleek, professional vibe of the building. Each floor had open glass conference rooms, white-board walls to write ideas off of, technologically sound and sustainable. The buildings literally were designed with a sound engineer to quiet the city noise around so the building itself is set up with incredible city views, minus the city distraction. Spaces for meditation, yoga, collaboration and work were all accessible throughout the buildings.

Faculty and staff are all intermixed with the student allowing for accessibility. If you miss a class, or don’t take advantage of career services, they will pull you in. Hult also values punctuality and hold students to being on time for their classes. In fact, you scan your fingerprint into class as you walk in.

If you’re a student you’ll feel comfortable navigating a professional space, learning from mentors and collaborating with peers. All traits necessary for a successful future in your professional career.

Hult is very specialized, so of course, fit is important, however I believe it’s a campus worth pausing and reviewing if you’re a student with a clear interest/passion in studying Business. They’re methodology and classroom environments are purposefully structured in a way for students to graduate feeling confident and ready to dive into a work environment. And any campus that I walk into and see the Dean coming from teaching a class, sitting with colleagues and students and then having lunch with a visiting high school counselor speaks volumes in itself.

Hult’s Website

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Author of The College Wellness Guide. Beverly Hills High School College Counselor.

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