Wellesley College and Babson College

Two colleges with distinct specialties make these reviews fun. Wellesley College, being an all women’s institution and Babson College serving solely Business degrees respectively. This is the beauty of college. Finding an environment that fits your needs SO well the opportunity to succeed is off the charts. Why? Because the students attending both of these institutions have taken the time to research, understand and believe in their college choices. They know it’s a good fit for them and that’s what makes the air quite magical.

As my disclaimer always is, I encourage families to go directly to a college’s website for the most up-to-date information on admissions and school information and to find and connect with their regional admission counselor. Look, the internet is a wonderful thing, but don’t forget to go back to the basics and get the most trustworthy sources you can to be a smart consumer while researching colleges. Links to the universities websites are below. Okay with that out of the way, let’s dive in. 

Wellesley College 

We have to pause for one moment to just take in the lush campus scenery. I mean, I’ve toured quite a few college campuses, but the architecture and greenery nestled alongside a lake with a scenic walking path surrounding it is quite breathtaking.

I was lucky to find another alumni who walked me around campus and shared her experience. Wellesley has incredible academics rooted in the liberal arts. The professors and university is there to serve the undergraduate women who make up the campus. There is steep tradition within the university, which my student raved about. Each class had a representative color, which unified you as a Freshman, Sophomore and so on…the dorms had rival houses which unveiled some light-hearted fun as they messed with each other. It all seemed magical and unified in an incredible way, yet eclectic in its academics and students walking around.

There’s no application fee to apply to Wellesley and using the MyinTution financial aid calculator (which began at Wellesley FYI) will give families a rough idea of estimated college costs. Access it here: MyinTuition

Career services at Wellesley are incredibly strong with a robust alumni network of Wellesley women. Class sizes are small, discussion based and driven by academia. Simply put, Wellesley is an institution to pause and check out. And if you’re concerned about the lack of a co-ed student body, check out this article which helps explain why an all women college can be quite enticing: Benefits Attending All Women’s College

Wellesley College

Babson College

Switching gears for a moment, about a 10 minute drive from Wellesley, you’ll find Babson. Ranked number 1 in entrepreneurship consistently, Babson offers only one degree to its 2,400 students…a Bachelor of Science degree in Business. Students can customize their degree with 27 different concentrations where they’ll be able to specialize and differentiate their expertise as they continue their undergraduate education.

Babson’s alumni network is pretty hefty and their return on investment high for students. All students participate in core course work, including a course that allows them to split into groups and build a business, learning all aspects of how it all works. Babson still has some traditional college aspects such as sports, fraternities and social clubs, which helps the specialized campus feel traditional.

The student body is diverse and coming from all over. I got the sense that academics were strong and students were challenged, yet the vibe wasn’t too competitive. As I walked campus with my alumni, he ran into multiple students he knew well, all stopping to talk and say hi. It was a friendly collaborative environment with driven students ready to succeed.

The strength in its business rankings, program offerings and specified curriculum are a few reasons for a student to check out Babson.

Babson College


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