High Point University

Massive red-brick and white buildings, water fountains streaming throughout and some of the greenest, freshest cut grass I’ve ever seen.Walking on campus, especially during the holidays, felt unreal. Literally like I was in a movie…and I live in Los Angeles. I’ve seen sets. But it wasn’t a movie. It is High Point University (HPU). Home to about 4,400 undergraduate and 500 graduate students hailing from 50 states and 37 countries.

Beyond pure aesthetic, HPU’s immaculate campus is intentional. President Dr. Nido R. Qubein firmly believes in placing students in an environment that will not only breed academic learning, but one that will develop students poignantly ready to enter the real world. Enter as “extraordinary” people. Which is why you’ll see airplane seats next to the Starbucks. To practice networking and elevator pitches because you’ll never know who you might be sitting next to on the plane. You’ll also see a formal entryway as you walk into the business building and a fully functioning board meeting room. So students feel comfortable in big executive offices. Head over to the Wanek Center and you’ll find a formal steak house, where students can have a full three course meal and practice fine dining to hone in their etiquette skills capable of handling a big dinner meeting. You might even walk into a Computer Science class and find Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak as the featured innovator in residence. Like I said the campus and its amenities are intentional.

Four pillars make up the mission and purpose of HPU.

  • Academic excellence 
  • Experiential learning (25% of learning is hands on) 
  • Character development (serving others, giving to community, honor code) 
  • Develop life skills 

These pillars are enforced throughout the campus from the moment students walk on a sign to uphold an honor code throughout their time at HPU. Ninety-nine percent of them will live on campus freshman year and 95% will continue to live for the next four years. Students will also get connected with a student success coach right at the beginning of their Freshman year to guide them through exploring majors, activities on campus and more. Students will walk away with a professional headshot ready to go for a Linkedin profile and have access to a fully functioning career center that reviews resumes, practices interview skills and teaches students appropriate business attire. All a part of the four year career development plan. It’s no wonder 95% of HPU students are employed or in grad school within 6 months of graduation.

HPU houses D1 athletics, Greek life, clubs and intramural sports, pools and outdoor volleyball courts. Liberal-arts curriculum, an honors program with its own core curriculum, strength in health sciences and a learning effectiveness program for students wanting more academic support are a few of the standalone programs.

A student considering HPU should absolutely tour campus,reach out to current students or dive in online. I love using Unigo, think “Yelp” for colleges. Unigo offers student reviews and impressions of campus including rating for housing, food, etc. https://www.unigo.com/colleges/high-point-university. As with all universities, HPU is not a fit for everyone. Beyond the campus of HPU, High Point is fairly quiet. Over 70% of students are caucasian, 11% African American, 8% Latino, 4% Asian. I got the impression that students are fairly social and outgoing which can be amazing for some but not for all.

HPU is also fairly costly with meeting about 60% of financial need. When considering costs, HPU’s return on investment and the employment rate upon graduation certainly comes into play. Utilizing the Net Price Calculators, College Navigator and the Fafsa4Caster when estimated university’s total net cost can be super helpful. On average HPU offers $18,000 in aid to its families.


Top major selection amongst students – For all programs click HERE

  • Undeclared 
  • Business administration 
  • Computer science fasting growing program (new concentrations in cyber security and visual computing)
  • Pre pharmacy (can enter accelerated PharmD program and complete in 6 years total)
  • Exercise science 
  • Biology 
  • Education 
  • Communication (interactive gaming and game design) 
  • Interior design (architecture) CIDA accredited (furniture capital in the world which gives students some interestingly unique opportunities)
  • Design studies (Graphic Design) 
  • Visual Merchandising and Design
  • Criminal justice 
  • Actuarial science 
  • BioChemistry 
  • Sport and event management
  • Neuroscience 
  • International Relations 
  • Education and English 
  • Dance and Theater (#7 BA theater in nation and new minor in Musical Theater)
  • 3:2 Engineering 
  • Masters in physician assistant studies 
  • Athletic Training 3:2 masters 
  • Sports Communication and Sports Management
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Education (LEGO education) work in Lego labs 

Pre professional programs in the following

  • Dentistry 
  • Medicine
  • Ministry 
  • Physical therapy 
  • Physicians assistant 
  • Engineering 
  • Law
  • Occupational therapy 


  • HPU houses an innovator in residence and currently Steve Wozniak Apple Co-Founder mentors students in Computer Science, Exercise Science and the School of Pharmacy
  • Partnered with Adidas (notable for students in exercise science and physical therapy)


  • Receive about 8,900 applications enroll roughly 1,400 students 
  • 3.34 Unweighted GPA and 3.81 Weighted GPA will look mostly at unweighted GPA and course rigor, progression, etc.
  • SAT 1200, ACT 26
    • Test optional if your scores reflect your ability, send them. Students may be eligible for the presidential scholarship by sending scores in.
  • Increase in Early Decision applications
  • 53% of students applied Early Action with a 74% acceptance rate Early Action
  • 30% of students applied Early Decision with a 91% acceptance rate Early Decision
  • 17% of students applied Regular Decision and 52% acceptance rate Regular Decision
  • Apply through Common Application

All in all HPU’s facilities are incredible and they’re continuing to grow including helping to grow major developments in the surrounding High Point community. Health sciences are strong, as well as computer science and event planning, design and soon to come hospitality. Students will walk out ready to “pitch” themselves knowing their strengths and will be well equipped to be considered for their top choice grad programs. Character development, life skills and the want to be “extraordinary” and the access to do it is HPU.


Published by Casey Barneson

Author of The College Wellness Guide. Beverly Hills High School College Counselor.

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