Regis University

One of the only Jesuit universities in Colorado, I found Regis University to be a gem in the midst of Denver. Home to roughly 2,400 students, Regis is committed to service, social justice and the making the community a better place. One of their mottos, “Cura Personalis” means to care for the whole person, spiritually, mentally and socially, can be seen throughout campus in the faculty and students.

Regis is a teaching university with an average student class size of 21. It’s not uncommon to walk into a classroom and see a horseshoe shaped room facilitating more of a discussion-based environment.

While Regis is a Jesuit school and will require students to take two religion courses as a part of the core curriculum, religion courses range in everything from Art in Religion, to Yoga and Catholicism. Regis’ core curriculum is comprised of the following:

  • Freshman and Sophomore core curriculum coursework include;
    • Humanities, social sciences, sciences, math and exploring some of your major coursework.
    • In addition, Freshman take seminar courses that include theme-based writing and students get to choose from courses such as Travel Writing, Chinese Food and Culture in America and Sustainable Cities.
  • Junior and Senior core curriculum coursework include; 
    • Diversity and culture, global environmental awareness, justice and the common good and classes like What it Means To Be Alive and The History of War

Regis is a liberal arts and sciences institution and sciences are absolutely a strong suit here. The following is a list sampling of the colleges and majors, please click on the title to access full programs on Regis’ site.

  • Health Sciences
    • Bachelor’s Science in Neuroscience 
    • Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (with 100% passing rate of the NCLEX nursing exam) 
    • Doctor of Pharmacy Students can take 2 years of pre-pharmacy and complete the additional four years of coursework for the Doctor of Pharmacy all at Regis 
    • Strength in Bio-Chemistry 
    • Physical Therapy Students get to care for therapy dogs throughout program
  • Business
    • Students can enroll in the College of Business and Economics and earn degrees in everything ranging from Finance to Econ and Accounting. With Denver as a booming metropolis, students are in a prime location.
  • College of Computer and Information Science
  • College of Contemporary Liberal Studies
    • Study Criminology, Education, Global Studies, etc.
  • Regis College

Student opportunities:

  • 70% on average study abroad (even nursing students can fit it in!)
  • Summer Study, go away with a professor over the summer for a 2-week trip and study things like Extreme Physiology in the Colorado and Utah climate or Primate Behavior in Costa Rica
  • Alternative Spring Break, students participate in service trips over break
  • Internships
    • Partner with major hospitals in Denver area including the Children’s hospital
    • Share internship database with fellow Jesuit universities nationwide
    • Partner with the Washington Center, non-profit organization in Washington D.C.
    • Opportunities with local professional sports teams, Denver Nuggets, Pepsi Center, etc.
  • D2 Athletes participate in Rocky Mountain Conference
  • Outdoor Adventure Program
  • First year Freshman Camping Trip
  • Renovating completely new student rec center
  • Live on campus Freshman and Sophomore year

Admission: Rolling admissions (apply and receive a decision about 4-6 weeks after), superscore SAT/ACT, can submit a letter of recommendation

Financial Aid: Will automatically consider for merit-based and need-based aid. Complete the FAFSA early (open October 1) to get an aid offer with your admissions letter. Additional scholarships for Music, Service, Athletics. You can keep taking the ACT/SAT even after accepted for a higher score and more merit-based aid.

Four-year Guarantee: If you as the student are following all appropriate steps (going to class, meeting with advisors, etc.) Regis will guarantee you will graduate in four years and if not, will pay for any additional coursework.

Regis University Website

Fun Tip: After my campus tour I had lunch with an admissions representative at The Noshery. Walking distance from campus, literally right across the street, and INCREDIBLE breakfast, lunch and pastries.

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