Boston University

16,000 undergraduates bustling through the heart of Boston make up Boston University. Perched right alongside the Charles River and within walking distance of Fenway Park, BU has prime real estate. BU is truly an urban, busy campus for the student who feels comfortable navigating a big city feels ready to explore via train, subway and just by walking  Boston is an incredibly walkable city with a ton to offer.

Because I feel the college websites themselves have ALL of the information in terms of programs of study, statistics and more, I’ll keep my bullet points short and I do encourage any student or parent considering BU or any college for that matter, to dive in online and do your research.

Boston University:

Applications and Numbers *do check online at BU directly for the most up-to-date information, consider holistic admissions, contextual factors such as the opportunities available at your high school, any gaps in your course history, etc. 

  • Received just over 60,000 applications last Fall and accepted roughly 3,400 students
  • Early Decision comprises 35% of the applicants, around 5,500 students applied ED (EDII an option) Merit based scholarships are considered for ED applicants
  •  When looking at competitive applicants, your curriculum in high school matters, BU will look at the coursework offered within your high school, the academic coursework you took (college prep classes, Freshman through Senior year)
  • 32 ACT average, 1450 SAT average, A- average curriculum
  • Will look at demonstrated interest (when you reach out to admissions, attend admission events, visit campus) but it is NOT going to be a heavy decision maker of the admission decision

Financial Aid: 88% of aid awarded to need-based aid, 12% merit-based aid

December 1st deadline for merit scholarship consideration

Quick Facts about BU 

  • Made up of 10 schools/colleges Can take coursework in other disciplines outside your area of study, dual degree programs, double majoring, study abroad and minors all options 
  • 80% of classes have 30 students or less and less than 4% classes have over 100 
  • New Rajen Kilachand Center for Integrated Life Sciences & Engineering
  • New Joan and Edgar Booth Theatre & Boston University Production Center expected to be completed in Fall 2017 right on campus accessible to students for design production, acting and theater arts programming
  • Incredibly strong Deaf Studies program

3 Themes that make up Boston University

  1. Discovery and innovation
    • Fun fact: Engineering grant given to BioMedical students to create artificial heart tissue
    • Over 1 million dedicated research funding for undergrads 
    • Fun fact: Every year a handful of students are chosen to go with a professor to Antarctica and complete research, sending imaging and ice samples back to BUS that are over 6 million years old!
    • Students complete a first year experience program that is pass/fail to encourage exploration without a grade and see what academic research looks like 
    • Over 2,000 lab spaces on campus
  2. Global education opportunities 
  3. Inclusive community 

College of General Studies Boston-London program 

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