London College Tour – University of Oxford and Cambridge

Day 2 included a quick lesson in counting coins over coffee in the city of London to a train ride into the charming Cambridge area in the countryside. Although we saw the University of Cambridge and not the University of Oxford, I’ll put some links that help students in looking at both. Check out our adventure below!

Learning the different currency

One of the more attractive qualities to London is in its public transportation. Coming from Los Angeles with a newly opened Metro line from Santa Monica to Los Angeles, I truly appreciated seeing students and workers alike using multiple modes of transportation throughout the day…which also included walking (you know, that thing you can do that gets you from place to place AND is great for your mental and physical well-being??). So it was easy to get to the train station and be in Cambridge in about 45-50 minutes.

Coming from a newer country, walking through Cambridge felt like walking through storybook land. The buildings and churches that were HUNDREDS of years old told stories of history and the thousands that walked through the cobbled streets. It was fascinating. I loved the rows of bicycles lined against the gates as students went to and from class and walked through the open-air markets. We did not have time to visit Oxford on our trip, but I do want to put some resources below for interested students. I’ll also include a video about Oxford and Cambridge and how their college system is structured since it is a little different in the sense that there isn’t a central “campus” feel as in American universities and the learning style/educational philosophies of the universities.



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