London Tour – University of College London, London School of Economics, Kings College & Imperial College


Between the architecture, busy streets and caffeine, we were distracted to say the least…and distracted in the best possible way! London Universities have quite the lot to offer in terms of programs and courses (majors). More specifically for the student who has a clear pathway in mind of what they want to study…and finish that course of study in three years! One thing these universities all have in common?…RESEARCH! Take a look at a few facts below and check out the pictures. Be sure to check back for a post at the end of my trip for an overview of the application process, the UCAS online application system and tips for applying to the UK.

University of College London

  • Over 18,000 undergraduates/21,000 graduates, located centrally in London giving students full access to the city (ranked #7 in the world according to QS World Rankings)
  • Oldest and first University in London to give education to all students (regardless of class, gender, religion)
  • Large, research based institution (#1 in UK) with a diverse student body and fairly large international population
  • Top programs; Law, Economics, Medicine, Architecture, Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Biomedical Sciences, Psychology, English, Computer Science and Information Management for Business
  • Type of student who would thrive here: Fiercely independent, mature learner (one who takes initiative and ownership of the learning process), wants to be in a city, knows what he/she wants to study

The college itself feels like a mix of campus/museum and incredible architectural pieces filled with students, classrooms and cafes. 

London School of Economics and Political Science

  • Overall about 10,800 students, diverse and big international student population (75%)
  • In the heart of London
  • Top employment destination for recent grads include; Banking and finance, research and education, politics and government and consultancy (source:
  • Ranked 2nd in the World (according to QS World Rankings) for Social Sciences
  • Feel of campus: Lively, busy, very diverse student body with full access to London amenities

Kings College of London

  • 17,000 undergrad, 5 Campuses total located in London, research-based institution
  • Strong courses include Law, Health Sciences, Psychology
  • Offer Liberal Arts track (students can explore disciplines and choose a track within the major, study a language, study abroad) purpose of the program is to increase employability upon graduation (completed in 3 years)
  • Career services available to students
  • Societies (London’s terminology for student clubs)
  • Multiple campuses, students live off campus and walk/commute to university
  • Students can work on a Visa (which equals some extra spending cash!)
  • Can apply via Common App or UCAS which makes university more accessible to US student applicants
  • Top 20 in the UK
  • More information:

Imperial College 

Specific to the fields of business, science, engineering and medicine, Imperial college is a top academic institution for students. Students work together throughout the university to create amazing projects, conduct research and challenge each other. When we walked into campus we noticed about four teams of students pitching their business concepts to “clients.” The energy on campus was quite interactive and enthusiastic! Competitive, consistently ranked university.

  • Experiential learning (hands-on, collaborative, research-based) about 14,700 students
  • Esteemed faculty
  • Type of student who would thrive here: Knows you want to study in one of the fields offered, interested in studying/living abroad, can handle the academic rigor

London observations for day 1: 

London is a lively city full of accessible transportation, rich history, museums, art galleries, historical buildings and the hustle and bustle of a city. Certainly for the mature student who is able to live off-campus year one, navigate public transportation, knows what he/she wants to study academically and is ready to dive in. Great in terms of preparing students for real-life, employability and getting into a career or in grad school/law/med school upon graduation.


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