Pacific Northwest Tour – Portland State, University of Portland, Lewis & Clark, Reed

Three days into the Pacific Northwest have taught me a few things. Oregon is full of life, culture, great food and amazing sustainable efforts. It’s also full of rain. Lots of rain.

Day 2

Portland State University, Farmer’s Market, University of Portland, Lewis & Clark College

Portland State University

  • College in the middle of a city, very urban, over 27,000 students
  • Lots of food options, amazing Farmer’s Market on the weekends and two Starbucks within two blocks
  • Top majors; Management, Psychology, Health Studies, Biology and Accounting
  • Student looking for an urban environment and a larger university
  • 4-year degree guarantee (provide academic counseling to keep students on track, PSU will cover anything beyond 4 years)

University of Portland

  • 4,000 students, more residential feel 10-15 minutes from downtown Portland
  • Average GPA incoming freshman 3.65
  • Catholic-based university focused on Service and Leadership
  • Strong, competitive Nursing and ROTC programs
  • Top programs in Education, Biology, Theater, Science, Business (strong in global business and environmental ethics) and Engineering
  • NCAA D1
  • Student looking for smaller campus with access to a city and a big community feel

Lewis & Clark College

  • 2,200 students, residential campus (students live on campus first 2 years)
  • 20 minutes from downtown Portland
  • 55% admitted, GPA 3.6-4.3, ACT 27-31
  • Great Career Center for student support
  • Hiking trails and paths throughout campus (tucked in the trees/mountains of Oregon)
  • Liberal arts
  • 60 percent of students study abroad (nationally ranked for study abroad program)
  • Student looking for an intellectual (but not too much of a competitive academica environment), globally conscious and friendly campus

Day 3

Reed and a 3-hour ride to Seattle

Reed College

  • Just over 1,400 students, residential campus
  • 31% acceptance rate, average GPA 3.9, average ACT 31
  • Meet 100% of demonstrated need
  • 9-1 student faculty ratio, average class size 15
  • Ranked for best classroom experience and top professors
  • Referred to as one of the most intellectual colleges in the country
  • Students looking for an intellectual, academically challenging environment
  • Dual degree programs
    • B.A. from Reed and a B.S. degree in Engineering from one of the following Cal Tech, Columbia and/or Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    • B.A. from Reed and a B.S. degree in Computer Science from University of Washington

Pics! Lots of Pics! Enjoy 🙂 

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Author of The College Wellness Guide. Beverly Hills High School College Counselor.

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