Pacific Northwest Tour – Oregon State & Linfield College

Polar opposites here! We couldn’t have chosen two more different institutions to explore. Had we come a day earlier our flight would have been cancelled all thanks to a random snow storm, but lucky for us we landed smoothly and were off to a wintery wonderland just in time for the holidays. 

On our first day we found out a few things… 

  1. It’s easy to tell we’re from SoCal. I’ve got my winter boots on and my nose is red while the other Oregonians are on sneakers and a light jacket…amazed by this power students have to not be cold! 
  2. Oregon State University is for the one wanting college to be like what you envisioned in the movies. Big sports, campus pride, small college town, research, large beautiful buildings and more. It’s what college is about! (Plus all the students were INCREDIBLY nice and welcoming!) 
  3. Linfield College is the place for someone wanting a small environment with a big time community feel. Intellectual, sustainable, adorable, relatable. I could go to Linfield and find my forever friends. A close-knit community tying tradition and a world of possibilities. You want a class of less than 10? This is it! 

Check out quick campus highlights below the pics

Quick Campus Highlights

Linfield College: 

  • 1700 students, 12-1 student faculty ratio
  • Residential campus devoted to undergraduate students
  • Easy to participate in research as a freshman 
  • Sustainability act (commitment as a university to implement practices to promote sustainability)
  • 55% study abroad (AND Linfield will cover free round-trip air fare for your study abroad experience!)
  • D3 sports, winning football team!
  • 47 majors, including top programs in Nursing, Business and Sciences

Oregon State University

  • Over 30,000 students
  • College of Forestry has 14,000 acres to learn and explore with (largest classroom on campus!)
  • Strong honors college – 1000 (write thesis) 
  • Pre-med students have about a 78% acceptance rate into med school
  • Popular majors include; STEM, public health program (ranked in top 10), Business, Agriculture and Education (Education students earn 2 teaching certificates within the degree, one for Oregon and a second in the state of your choice) 
  • Can go in for general Engineering or one of 14 specific Engineering disciplines
  • One of only two universities in the U.S. to have all four grants (Land, Sea, Space and Sun)

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