“Submit” and download “Headspace”

You’ve spent countless hours revising your essay. (or, ahem, maybe the past few hours)…you’ve checked your activities sheet and squeezed in that last line. You’ve reviewed your coursework. You’ve requested your supplemental materials. But there’s one thing left to do…”submit.”

Up to roughly 90,000 students apply to at least one UC campus. And even though the application has been open since August 1st, a majority of them will submit within these last few weeks. And the closer it gets to 11:59 p.m. on November 30th the more students I see losing sight of the common ground they stand upon. Here are a few things to remember:

  1. The essay you’ve read, re-read, revised, had two people edit and revised again, is good to go. Don’t have another person read it. It’s like pulling in a new coach in the playoffs when you’ve trained with another one all season. Be confident in your work.
  2. Don’t search message boards, blogs and social media for an answer to your question or a last minute confident boost. In fact, the only screens you really need open is your application and the website of the college you’re applying to.
  3. Hit “submit.”Really, do it.
  4. Put your phone away, close your computer and walk away.
  5. Do something mindful. Mindfulness can be anything that helps clear/focus your mind on pretty much nothing and anything at the same time. Deep breathing, music, closing your eyes and laying on the floor. Just take a second for yourself. (Social media DOES NOT count). Headspace is a great free app with 10-minute guided meditations. It’s amazing. Download it.
  6. Don’t compare yourselves to your peers.
  7. Remember that your entire life does not accumulate to this one moment.

We spend so much time thinking about the college application process itself, that we forget the hours, days and months of time and effort that we have already accomplished. We forget the hours, days and months of time we have YET to accomplish. The college application process will subside. Maybe not right now, but eventually. That’s when the real fun begins. In the mean time, disable Snapchat notifications and start playing your Headspace app.


Resource: http://headspace.com


Published by Casey Barneson

Author of The College Wellness Guide. Beverly Hills High School College Counselor.

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